Easy to be difficult

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What am I entitled to? There are obstacles to overcome. What have I earned based on my years of experience and results? Unfortunately, life is not based on a point system like the travel reward systems you see out there that can take you off to a far away exotic destination. You may think that you have accomplished and as a result, should have some things provided to you easier because you have paid your dues. For some, I would say that there is even a sense of entitlement where things should come easy. Surprisingly, some of those who feel most entitled have not even accomplished much in their young lives. The opposite holds where some of the most established people I know feel that they still need to achieve and accomplish.

I have never felt that I should be given priority or an easy path. People wonder why I always take a more difficult and complicated route. I guess it is because the easy path does not offer the challenge and the self-fulfillment I desire. I also find the easy path is already crowded by many people who are trying to work along it and not really appreciating the journey. The path I travel is far less crowded and allows me the room to be creative and innovative.

My schedule and life is always busy and it is often self-inflicted and as mentioned in my last post, I cram a lot into my day. One day, I had to sit on a panel for work/life balance and people laughed at me because they felt that I worked too hard and long hours and had no concept of balance: “there is no way you can talk about balance”. My response was that I actually had a better grasp of work life balance than most people because I had found my calling and am never sure where work starts and pleasure ends. It is all about perspective.

I personally don’t want things given to me; I have always felt I needed to earn it. If I did not earn it, then I am not immersed into the journey and not as interested in the result. I select the things that will engage me and realize that I am a dreamer and a doer. Entitlement is not something that interests me because I enjoy taking something that does not exist or is dysfunctional and try to vision, build and implement a solution. Again, people say that I make things more difficult or complicated than they need to be…perhaps I do, but in the end, the result is always worth it. I always like to think of my life in this way, “The more difficult the struggle…the sweeter the prize” It is a sweet deal that I have going on!

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