Being average can be a good thing

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Society tells us to always strive to be above average and I would agree with working to be the best and doing the best. Challenge yourself and work to accomplish great things. These are thoughts that should never be compromised. Saying all that, I feel it is also important to remain average in one respect. Be average and approachable. Never feel so accomplished that people can not relate to you or that you feel far superior to others. We all come from basic roots.

Initially, when I tell people that I am an average guy, I used to get looks of surprise or people would laugh at the absurd. I would have to clarify that I am an average guy, but I have indeed had extra-ordinary experiences…but I am an average guy at the base level. Through my stories one will understand that I have gone through similar challenges and successes. I think my difference is that I capture those significant occurrences in life and am able to share.

It does no one good (especially me) to feel superior to others for what I have accomplished in life. That is what I have done but what about you? We have all done things that are worthy of acknowledgement. I carry a reminder with me and it is a simple jigsaw puzzle piece in my wallet. I have given hundreds of such pieces away and while there are many analogies for the puzzle, in this case, the puzzle piece I hold has a different shape and design; however, it is no bigger than the puzzle piece I give you. It is different in some respect, but it is also the same size. It is reflective of us. There are times we feel superior and other times deficient, but the size of the puzzle piece remains the same. We are a constant when we consider the crowd around us.

I am an average guy with extraordinary experience but also understand that there is nothing ordinary about you. Appreciate what you have accomplished but never be too proud where you feel superior to others. Make yourself approachable not distant. Your actions should speak of you, not you. Be above average in many aspects of your life but certainly be average when it comes to being grounded with those around you. By being average and approachable in the eyes of those around you will make you above average in life.

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