From me to you – your passion pursuit!

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I often get asked where my thoughts and ideas for blogging or writing a book come from? How can I continue to inspire and write about so much and on a somewhat regular basis? Do I ever feel that I might run out of content and my passion? What is my writing style and how did you pick it up? I will start with me, but then it is over to you.

Lots of questions and all I know is that a nugget of an idea comes to my mind and it is something that I have to write about. I am not a literary genius but rather a conversationalist who enjoys sharing and when I share, they are raw thoughts because I don’t sit and write, refine, modify as a continuous circle and looking for perfection. I write, quick read and then post. I bring comfort and reflection into my conversations. I think that is what people appreciate…stories that are relatable. I was not always a writer, blogger or an author (this just came in the last 4 years) but found that I had these thoughts and ideas that would emerge. I think when I did the TEDx talk in 2011, and started to really think about it, the concept of ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary’ was at the foundation. It was when I took the time to appreciate people, situations and things did all of this come forward like a torrent.

There is no dipping the toe to test the water for me, when a thought hits me, I am diving right in and I write as I think…and I think as I write. When I am done and days pass and think there is no more within me, I see something or a spark happens and I am right back in the water and the writing happens again.

Where do all my thoughts and ideas come from? There is a depth that I dip in to that I can not explain. There is a part of me where I know not what is in the deepest parts of my mind and soul but as I immerse myself, I am overwhelmed and I need to write. A flicker of a thought becomes more relevant and significant with each word. A puzzle piece becomes my brand, a door stop a leadership concept and metaphors that help others. There is a need to capture the essence of my words before they evaporate…much like this thought which came to me while sitting in a coffee shop and feel this need and urge to write about writing.

Are we all capable of capturing thoughts and ideas like I do? Well, the more important question is – what comes to you that makes sense, comes easy to you, that you enjoy with such passion? Writing is my outlet, what is yours? It is not about writing but rather the way I feel when I write. What comes naturally to you? Is it photography, gaming, cooking or something else? We are closet singers, artists or chefs just waiting to burst out…but we wait. We are afraid to be judged if we show our true spirit. I want to hear you sing, see your art, taste your food. Show me what you can do! Do not tip toe around your interest and passion, you need to get it out there no matter what! There is fear in doing what we need to; however, the bigger fear is if I don’t do it and it just quietly sits there never to be realized. You may be good at something but how do you make it great? Well, you make it great! When it comes to writing, I write for me and those who it connects to will be on my journey. I just keep finding my inspiration and voice through the everyday and will continue to write, share and experience. Writing has made me a rich (intrinsic) and meaningful life. Take those first steps and go without fear. What is your journey and how can I help make it yours!?

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