Born to fly

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born with wings

Do you realize you were born with wings; however, we all have some sort of fear within us. For some, it might be a fear of water, failure, public speaking and the list could go on and on and on. Fear is something that acts like a safety mechanism and reality check for us so we don’t get hurt or our mind saying…”is this really a good idea?” Fear is our mind protecting us. The idea of fear is important for us because without it, we just might do things that are fun, exciting, interesting and life altering…wait, aren’t those good things?

Everyday, I meet people and we talk. As I listen to their words and I can catch the fear in their voice. “I don’t like my job and I am thinking of leaving.” The word that is important is ‘thinking’. What this tells me is that they are on the ledge and holding on and afraid to let go because of a psychological fear of heights…not a physical fear (that might also exist) but I am talking about a psychological fear. What is the difference? The psychological fear is our mind creating scenarios on what would happen if you handed in your notice tomorrow. Our mind creates milestones to leave the situation and as we create these artificial markers to put our mind at ease. We say that we will hand in our notice at the end of summer because it is a good time… and as July is upon us, we then say, perhaps it might be better to wait till the end of the year…yup, end of the year, then as that nears we say, that it is a difficult time in to look for a job in January that spring might be better…and we do this all out of fear so we don’t actually leave. It focuses on the fears and that you are going to leave, have to look for a new job, where will you make money, what if you don’t find work, what if the next place you go to is worse than this? All of these internal voices speak loudly to us and we hear these voices.

There is a voice we don’t often hear and that is the voice that says…”you were born with wings!” If there is a psychological fear present, then I argue that there are also psychological wings too. The fear tells us what we can’t do and the wings say the things you can do. Unfortunately, the fear is what keeps our feet stuck to the ground because that is the practical side. The wings are flapping and trying to pull you out to show you what can be.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not asking everyone to suddenly cliff jump their careers. All I am asking is for you to start focusing on the wings you were born with. You have amazing possibilities and they are masked by fear. Rather than looking at what you can’t do, try and frame it in what you can do. When the voice of fear surfaces, try to find the equal voice of possibility and decide what might happen. Find the people who will encourage you to soar. What do you hold as your strengths?…your wings and instead of looking at the ground of doubt, look to the sky of possibilities.

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