Building on friendship

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We build walls around us to keep people out and prevent friendships from emerging. The social gap between people and society seems to be growing as we spend less time talking to each other and more time engaging in technology. Our relationships seem to be more and more virtual as we tweet, facebook and Instagram between us. We build fences, walls and barriers to keep people out and our property in.

The fence in my yard was falling down and it was about 20+ years old. It was time to remove it and replace it. With my neighbors George and Terry, we built a fence over the last few days; however, it was not about keeping each other out, in fact, the opposite happened. We talked, joked and enjoyed in each other’s company. We even made one section a bit lower so we can still see and talk to each other. I knew George over the last few years and always pleasant exchanges but we never really took the time to get to know each other. Terry and I would say our hello’s and wave across our backyards. We had no issues and problems…but at the same time, we were never really close. Spending time and working together, you build a lasting and important relationship. I learned more and more about my neighbors.

I have to admit that when the last board was hammered in, part of me thought about how we enjoyed the company and now what? The fence is up and we have all gone back to our homes. The difference is that I now know that Terry likes chai and from a part of the lower part of the fence, he can get his fill as we talk about what is new. George and I can now talk as we like over our fences about life and journey. I will not wait for them to necessarily be in their back yard to reach out to them. We can drop a note to say it is time to catch up. George is one of those individuals who has a knack and talent for construction projects. He is meticulous and can see how things should be done. I am sure he could have done this project by himself but I don’t think he would have enjoyed it as much.

What I also appreciated is that Ishaan was outside with me the entire step of the way and was never in the way. George and Terry made it so that he felt part of the crew. One of the nails in the fence is Ishaan’s and the concrete foundations has Ishaan’s hand imprint and name. I now stand back and admire the work that we all put forward and it is looking great. This is more than a fence, it is now a partnership, cooperated project and relationship builder. This fence does keep something in…our friendship. I am blessed with my neighbors and while I have fences between us, it just makes the bond that much stronger.

5 Comments for "Building on friendship"

  • George Mulder says:

    I couldn’t agree more although in my mind Ishaan added an element that you would not have had if it was just the three of us building a fence. In many ways i see him as the catalyst which brought us closer together as neighbours. Besides some of the jokes would have not been possible without him. Also when i was a small kid i remember how patient my dad was when we would “help” him. Made me think of some very fun times when i was a kid. The fence also looks good from my side of the fence

    • Sam says:

      Well said my friend. Ishaan will always look at the fence and remember how he helped. Don’t be a stranger George. Look forward to fence side chats.

  • Peter says:

    Sam, I have known Terry since the early Nineties and never knew he liked chai until this moment. He is a great human being and I am better for knowing him too. He taught me how to camp and how not to be afraid of an outhouse. Great blog 🙂

    • Peter says:

      omg!!! I hate these little phone screens!!!… “Ninety’s”

    • Sam says:

      Hi Peter, thank you for your comments. Oh, he never said no to a chai so I think we either have to feed him through the fence or teach him how to make it…sort of the feed for a day, give a man a fish or feed him for life, teach him how to fish 🙂

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