Press a button and change my life

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Today I pressed a button and hit a milestone. Today I became a published author. It is something I have thought about doing but 3 years ago, I was never a blogger or a writer. How does one go from no experience in the field to finally pressing a button and reaching a goal? For me, there were two things: determination and good people around me.

Determination was important because when I decided down this path, I burned the bridge behind me so I could not go back and ignore the end result. I had to do this! It was a challenge and there was even an eight month period where I did not even open up the document. My mind sat idle; however, I was determined to finish this goal. It was about being able to share something within me with the world. Now my next goal is to try and sell 5,000+ copies so I get to be a Canadian best selling author.

The second piece was good people as they are so valuable. I could not have done this project by myself…well, I could but the end result would not have been something as polished as what is now complete. I am very pleased with what was accomplished today and even more pleased that I could share this with a number of individuals. People would come forward to support and be a part of my journey. Those around me directly on the project or as I would see casually, always kept my confidence up that I could complete this. I don’t think you all realize how important it was to have your voice with me.

This book was a bit like doing my Masters all over again; however, it was also different. The painstaking work and long haul of a project was Masters driven. The content was more me and there was no word count. I also did not have to drive myself down a path to answer a question. Do I see myself doing another Masters or PhD…probably not. Do I see myself doing another book…yes!

What is on your mind? What would you like to start and do? What have you told yourself that if you could, you would like to accomplish? I will tell you that today feels so good. I believe in sharing as people have shared with me. If you have an idea or want to embark on your own personal journey, you can count on me to be someone to share the walk with you. I had good people with me like Whitney, Joanna, Connie, Ilia, Adam and Rick (and many more). I want to be there to support you.

Now it is time to go forward and celebrate. I do hope you will join me at the book launch on May 27th. The book will be available for sale soon…as soon as I get a chance to see the final version in my hand so there are no major mistakes. A great line up of speakers and entertainment for the book launch and documentary screening. This is where I get to appreciate all that supported me. Tickets are at Eventbrite –

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