Sam is a poet…you decide!

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Like most of my thoughts and posts, they come to me at the most inconvenient times and I am shaken out of sleep. Today, at 5:30am, there was no exception. A single phrase emerged – “It took great time to write this book”…and then I seemed to add to it while laying awake. Next thing you know, I am downstairs and typing away. Please understand, I am not a poet and know very little about the format but I think this captures the book and you. I have added this to the first page of the book. I hope you like it.

It took great time, to write this book,
Please turn the pages, and have a look,
A poet I am not, a writer perhaps,
The words I wrote, are within your grasp,
I wrote for me, I wrote for you,
From a dream emerged, something to do.

Scattered about, my stories were a struggle,
Laying all about, like a giant jigsaw puzzle,
Pulled from here, added to there,
My life is before you, presented with care,
Many have helped, to make this true,
I appreciated all, who became the crew.

Within us all, there are stories to be told,
Times in our life, we are not feeling bold,
We say to our self, who would care what I say,
My ramblings and thoughts, within my day
It is the world who needs, to know you were here,
To not share with others, becomes my fear.

Within you is greatness, that I can see,
Anything you want, take the time to be,
I am here for you, every step of the way,
Time is precious, and while I plan to stay,
I want you to know, just how much I care,
You are just one, and I find you quite rare.
~Sam Thiara

Let me tell you a story…and so the journey begins

Now it is time to head for the finish line. The book launch is within grasp and as soon as a date is set, I will let you know (mid to end of May or early June). Thank you for being a part of this passion project! I think I will stick to writing…poetry or writing verses is quite difficult. It sure takes ‘time’ to make things ‘rhyme’ 🙂

PS – – 17 days left on my campaign. It is not stated but $50+ and we will provide you a free ticket to the event and reserved seating.

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