Do you ever wonder? So many questions.

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My world is filled with questions. Do you ever take the time to stop and think about who you are? To just stop doing what you are doing and realize your magnificence (because if we think about it…we are all magnificent). We are living, breathing and thinking, many times in autopilot and going through life but not recognizing how significant we are. I just stopped right now, silenced everything around me and thought deep about who I am, going deeper than what I have done or accomplished but to a place where I am looking at my being and who I am. A realization that the moment I type this, the time has gone to a place I can’t even fathom. Is the exact present I am in the only reality? Where does the past go and how is the future laid before us? Is it only a figment of my imagination? What is my imagination and how does it work so that I can think about writing this? Does my memory only exist in my mind or is there a place where my memory is?

Some may think we have a destiny and it has been written on where we are going and what we will do…but who has written this destiny? It is as if we are on a train watching life but being guided. Some may call it a religion or a faith. Are we being guided? Some are comfortable and letting the engineer guide their life like a train, but we judge those who are not on the same train as us. What if we are not even on the right train? Why can’t we accept others for their faiths and religions and not judge those who chose not to have a faith. I have made a choice about faith and it is to not follow. That does not mean anyone who has a faith is now seen as wrong. No, follow if that brings you comfort and focus. Some may think I am lost, others may say OK but you are not going to go anywhere. I think if we stopped to realize our significance and place in this earth, we might be kinder, more caring and nicer. We are similar in form but we are also so different from each other based on how we treat each other.

Each of us has an idea of what is right and what is wrong and if someone does not line up with our views, we judge them and compare against what we believe to be true. The key word here is believe. Do we really know what is right and what is wrong? We feel threatened when they are not like us and become defensive. We refuse to believe that our path is not the right one. We view the world through our eyes and are blinded by the existence of everything around us that challenges us.

But what happens when we no longer exist? We have our opinions and views but we don’t really know for sure. We believe we are on the right train but what if it is not going in the direction you were supposed to go? When we die, what happens? Is there a soul? Is it our life source and our body is just a vessel? If so, why don’t we look after ourselves to protect it? I wonder about my soul…if I have one. Was it there before I existed or when I emerged? Will it carry on or will it just vanish? Am I like a rental car or the driver? What I mean by this is if I am the shell of the car waiting for a driver or will I just get another rental car in another life…do I get another life? Or do I go somewhere else? Is my life like a computer game where I advance to another level? I don’t know and it is like being on the side of a wall and wondering what is on the other side.

This post is not about religion or if one should have one or not. It is not about making you think and question if you are right or wrong. This post is not about your choices but rather that I stopped to think about myself today and the moment I typed this. I want you to think more about yourself and if you read this, know that I appreciate who you are. This is about my existence and how I got to be where I am today and what does my future hold. I just want people to realize their magnificence and appreciate the time they have. I am not sure how or why I broke from routine many years ago but when I did, I started to think deeper and reflect more. I am by no means a perfect person but I will try to be the best and do the best I can. It is not because I want to make my way to some utopian place by being good and earning my place. I just try to be good because I don’t like to see suffering and if there is a problem, can I be part of the solution. I am not going to be a bystander in this life. I don’t fear dying but what I fear is unfinished work that needs to be done to try and leave this place better than when I found it. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on going anywhere soon. I was just wondering today about life, and who I am and my place in this world.

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