Being adaptable in a difficult time – you are the light

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Things may be looking dark and bleak for now but at the same time, there is an opportunity for you to activate the embers within you to restore that flame that lies within you. No matter who you are, you have the capacity to ignite your light and then ignite others…but first you must look after yourself. This is a time to become adaptable and change with the environment and not let the environment change you. Being adaptable is the key word!

Dinosaurs were not able to adapt to a changing environment and that is why we no longer have dinosaurs. Much like today with COVID 19 and the strange world we have now been plunged into, we need to be adaptable more than ever. The normal life we lived is on hold right now for the time being. This is an important time in your life because while there is certainly a challenge, you are being given an opportunity to be adaptable. Within the problem is an opportunity and if you seek it out, you will find your solution. Take this time to better understand ‘who’ you are and not ‘what’ you do for a moment. We are not defined by what you do but rather who you are…but often times we are so busy doing, that we forget who we are. By taking the time now, you might unlock or discover something that can change your course and direction in a positive way. It won’t be easy but at the same time, it is worth exploring. So how might you undertake this?
• Set some time aside and think about what you do. What do you like about what you do (did) in the work place, school, spare time. What did you enjoy and not like? Start making a list of words and phrases. It is about thinking deeper.
• Once you have your list, visit and revisit it. Do the words and phrases continue to make sense? Are they looking at you from the page saying that these are the things that define you?
• There is also a free online test you can do that is a simple version of the Myers Briggs and it is called 16 Personalities – 16 Personalities Try the test out and see what four letters you receive. Once you have the four letters, put them into Google and you will see your profile. See if this profile is accurate or not. Examine what it says about your strengths and weaknesses. Do the words align with who you are?
• Ask your friends, what are some of the things that they would say about you. If you are comfortable, allow them to be honest with you and accept what they say without you saying anything back and accepting their feedback. You might hear some things that you might not want to but they are giving you a glimpse into a mirror and if you ask enough people, some of the images created can be accurate. Learn from this and accept what they say even though some of it may be difficult to swallow.
• This is now the point where you have much to consider and some of it will be great to know and some may be a challenge to accept but accept you must because you are at the point where your reputation is the mirror you are looking at and does it align with your character?
• The idea is to do some self-reflection and come up with five things that you can make into your foundation. These are called your Five Core Elements. Five things that define who you are. Don’t be afraid to start with a foundation of five things and know that you can change them in the future when ever you like. You will see that these five things are the important things that should guide you in life. It also now provides you a view of where you might want to go in the future. For anything you come up with that becomes your Five Core Elements. A foundation to who you are and a base point to move forward from.

This is a time to pivot based on your self discovery. Maybe that means taking a course to add substance to an area you would like to develop. It could be that you look at your current role where you work and can that be adapted and changed. It might be a total re-tool and a realization that the authentic you is somewhere else and you need to find them. The key message with this post is that you have an opportunity right now. Examine what you do and learn about who you are. It just might guide you to a place you never thought you would be. Will it be easy, no. Will it happen tomorrow, sadly no. This is a work in progress and you need to be adaptable and realize that you have to rescue yourself out of this situation.

Keep well, keep safe and keep strong and together we will all emerge stronger out of this. If you found this helpful, there are more posts like this at: Sam’s Blogs

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