Having a career that is out of this world

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We often pursue opportunities out of obligations or a pretense that it will lead to financial rewards. If you pursue money, it will provide a comfortable life and then you can do anything that you want, but you need to put the time now and for a number of years, might not really enjoy what you do, and then it gets easier…right?!

It is the same as launching a rocket into outer space and having a sense that once you penetrate the difficult earth’s atmosphere, you will be able to just coast after that and things will be easy. The inertia of the effort to get out of the atmosphere will now carry you for the rest of your life and life will be easier if money is the base to work from. The rocket takes a lot of effort and energy to try and go against gravity to leave the atmosphere and this is no different than your life and career. You have to dedicate a lot of effort and time at the early stages, make my money, and then have enough in the tank to take this journey on and be successful later in life.

Half the part is true. Yes, you do have to work hard and establish yourself and gain as much as you can at the early stages (and throughout your life) so that you have much to offer and share; however, if you make money the target, it might not work (unless it is combined with your passion or is your passion). It is a mission that can fail because you will drain your tank of valuable fuel because you are just trying to survive while you pursue money and the gravitational pull of regret and frustration of working in an environment that you don’t enjoy or with people who you don’t align with, will not let you leave the atmosphere and you are not able to penetrate the atmosphere and coast in life with a life you really enjoy. The gravitational pull of money is strong and it will try and hold you back from what you really want to do.

Rather than having money as the target, it might be better to align your life and career rocket to a trajectory that is aligned to your passion. Make passion the driving force and what you might find is that you will get so good at your passion that people will pay you good money for your services. You passion is what you like to do, and it comes easy to you, so why not get really good at what you do. For some, money is a passion and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are true to yourself. You would be amazed that passion will allow others to see your talents because it is organic and natural. Saying that, this does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort.

Unfortunately, society will be full of scientists (friends and family) who will say that you will not succeed or you can not be what you want because it is not a safe path or you can’t make money at what you want. They will tell you what you want and should do. Actually you can be good at something and make money if you stay true to your course. If you have a passion, talk to those who have the same passion and have succeeded and you would be surprised that they are there to help you get into your own orbit.

What you need to do first is to realize your passion and don’t attach a dollar value to it. What engages you? What makes you tick? What is it that you can do and do well if money was no object? If you can not answer this, then take the valuable time to self reflect and discover this. There are many people and resources to help you discover your passion so start to seek that out.

Your passion is the rocket and not money. This needs to be the base you build around to launch your life and career.

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