Creating a loud presence without a voice

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When we are not seen…we are not obvious
When we are not loud…we are not heard
There is a need for us to be loud but not in voice.
We need to be loud in presence.
Sam Thiara

How do we make it so we are heard? With all the distractions, noise and people around us vying for attention, we get drowned out. As a result, we go through life wandering and wondering. I guess we could enter, boots stomping and talking very loud…talking above everyone else; however, all that does is make people annoyed with you. Also, what if you are not that person who is loud, how do you even compete? It might seem futile but that does not have to be the case.

When I talk about being loud, I am not talking about a physical way of being seen but rather creating a presence. A presence that commands attention without you saying a word. I want you to create your presence without a voice. You might be an introvert and you might be asking yourself: “I am not prepared to be an extrovert!” Creating a presence means you can still be an introvert and not having to change your own personal foundation. An introvert can have a very strong presence!

Have you ever been to an event or a party and someone walks in and all of a sudden, the room changes or there is a vibe about the person that walked in. They did not walk in loud or obnoxious but rather, just the mere fact that they walked in people start to gravitate towards them.

It is great to say that you need to create your presence but how can you? Do you take a pill or drink a magic potion? I wish it were that easy. Reality is that this does not happen overnight. It takes great care and time but it can happen. What are things you can do to build a personal presence?

• You must want to have a presence – Have a conversation with yourself. You have to commit to creating a presence for yourself and this will be your own personal presence…whatever it might be. If it is yours, it is easier to create one.

• Confidence – this is probably one of the cornerstones for creating a presence. You have to have a level of personal confidence. There is a need for you to greatly appreciate your strengths. At times, we are focused on what we don’t have or our weaknesses and we forget to remember that we actually have strengths in certain areas. Confidence is a realization that you are good at something and when you realize this, you carry this with you and it starts to show.

• Character and reputation – There are two things we hold that enable our presence and those are character and reputation. Character is who we are and reputation is people’s perception of who we are. You must protect the integrity of both of these because when you walk in the room, you carry both of these with you whether you like it or not. If you are confident, then that comes through. If you are loud and obnoxious, then that comes through.

• Put yourself out there – You may not enjoy it but you really must get out there and start building that presence. It does not happen on social media or sitting behind your terminal. People need to see you and experience you. By going to events or gatherings, you start to gain your confidence in meeting people and share of yourself.

• It won’t happen every time – Your presence is something unique to you. If you are someone who appreciates classical music and make yourself known in that circle, there might be a strong possibility that you won’t create the same presence at a rock concert. It is about the fit. Having your personal DNA in place for where you feel most comfortable.

So we can be loud without being obvious and we can be heard without being seen all because we have created our own personal presence. Be that flame that ignites others.

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  • Daya ram says:

    Brilliant article, Sam. Your vision and perspective on life resonates a lot it me and I believe with others too. As you said , we all have an urge or need to be heard and your quest to express in such a exquisite way is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing.. and connecting.!

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