My life is an hourglass – the grains of sand my life

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Today I am 19,440 days old. There is a program that by entering the day you were born, it will tell you how many days old you are. It made me think of an hourglass and the grains of sand that are in there. I can see my life as grains of sand in this hourglass. We all have this hour glass but we do not know how many grains we have above us, but we know how many grains we have lived that rest below us. Each day that goes by is another grain that drops below through the narrow channel.

An hourglass is representative of time. Time is something we all have been given and it is a precious commodity. The time we use can not be recovered. The time that we have remaining is a mystery. As the sands of an hourglass slip through, so does our life. Many times we don’t look at the hour glass and just know it is there. I have made sure that each grain, over the last many years, is appreciated and cherished as it slips through that narrow channel. I wake up in the morning in anticipation of what the day holds, I go through my day appreciating the people, situations and things around me and finally at the end of my day, as that grain of sand slips beneath me, I do my daily gratitude on what I was thankful for. I do that with each grain of sand in my own hourglass.

It is important to take the time because the grains of sand pass by. Before you know it, the top chamber begins to become empty and we suddenly realize that much of our sand has passed us by and we did not even realize it. We feel cheated that time has slipped by us and we might not realize what we have accomplished or gained in life because we never saw the sand or realized that each grain was a day in our life. We can live them or lose them. So what can you do? Capture the grains one by one…day by day. Apply CARPE – Curiosity, Appreciation, Reflection, Perspective and Experience to value each grain and make the most so that you can look below, smile and see the many grains of experience and look up in anticipation of the grains approaching.

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