Daily Gratitude – Right there…in front of you…see it?!

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We go through life and one day blends to another day and we get busy with life. Before you know it, you are looking back at what the journey has been and much like the tide coming in and erasing your footprints, they are gone. It is difficult to recall what some of your achievements and memorable occurrences are because you are already looking forward. Have you taken the time to appreciate what you have done and where you have come from? We focus on the epic aspects in our life and those might be few and far between. We look for those major milestones and forget to realize the small things that are significant and carry a different sort of impact. We are searching for the anticipated event and miss the smaller ones. The reason we need to realize the smaller ones is that they formulate your path and existence just like the larger ones.

Today I was asked what my biggest milestone was. That was a difficult one to ask me and I could not answer because there are too many to consider. I started rattling off some of the big ones and then to the not so large ones that hold significance and then recalled some other big ones again. He wondered how I could have so many, recall them and to articulate how they played a part in my life.

I shared with him that one thing I started to do was to do a daily gratitude. This is where I take time to think of all the things and happenings in my day that meant something meaningful to me. I have been doing the daily gratitude for only 3-4 weeks now and something interesting is happening. I hear in random conversations that people appreciate the daily gratitude and look forward to hearing what I am going to write today. I think this caught me by surprise because this was something for me. I am just simply grateful for the things I write about and what happened and people are taping in. This appreciation for the day has been with me for a long time due to an incident that happened in my family many years ago when I was 9 years old and it just reminds me how precious time is and I am not to waste it.

Taking a moment at the end of the day to share with the world…or who ever is out there to hear me, what I am thankful for today. I think the daily gratitude is important because it provides a few key elements.
• It allows me to stop and think about what I did today.
• I can reflect on what the various things in my day meant to me and those around.
• I can reinforce those relationships that you engaged with earlier in the day
• It reminds me that every morning, I will be doing my daily gratitude so I am more aware of the things around me so that I can capture it.
• Things don’t have to be major or significant. If it is memorable, it is then important to you.
• It helps you to start building your personal stories.
What I would suggest is for you, the reader, to do a daily gratitude. You don’t have to share with anyone but take the time to appreciate what is around you and who is around you. It will open the world to you in an appreciative and magnificent way. My daily gratitude today is the ability to share this post with you.

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