The horizon beyond and within

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If you have ever had a chance to look through a telescope, have you looked in wonder at what the horizon holds? The stars and planets in the beyond that are not within our reach but within view. We think of what it must be like out there and at how vast that view is. Then consider the microscope. A device that equally holds a lens; however, on the opposite pole to view the most minute details. It opens the world within to show us what we are made up of.

Symbolically, consider the telescope and microscope when considering our life and future when we are starting out in our career journey. We often look through a telescope at the distant horizon and think about how wonderful it would be to go out there…into the unknown and see what possibilities are out there; however, reality tells us that we can’t. We can’t ever reach the moon, planet or stars as all logic tells us. Our feet are firmly planted on the ground and all we do is look through the telescope.

The microscope sits unused because we are so focused on the telescope and what is out there. What we don’t realize is that we need to first use the microscope so we can see what we are made of. The device is to look within as it shows us every aspect of our being. Most times, we are looking at the broad view while it takes an equal micro view to help us. We must know who we are in order to become what we need to be.

This view is what has prompted us to create GradusOne. We are the first step in the individual’s career journey. ‘Gradus’ is Latin for ‘step’ so we are ‘StepOne’. I have mentored hundreds and engaged thousands and most of the people I encounter are gazing at a telescope in wonder. What we do is to show them the microscope and help them discover within so that we can start to venture out. We believe that there are two horizons. The known horizon of what is out there and the hidden horizon within that needs to be discovered. We have taken great care and time to understand the high school/post secondary and recent graduate concerns on their next step. It is about being on the journey but not being the journey because the excitement should not be an overwhelming ride. We have countless people who have taken the time to share their stories so that the student/recent graduate have a path, compass and map start to materialize.

We are pleased to be launching GradusOne on March 4th. This was built with the detailed work of the microscope so that we best use the benefits of the telescope. I do hope you come and be a part of this epic journey to help others. There are many who have helped us to reach realization. Join us for an engaging panel, great conversations and the official unveiling. For information on the launch, please visit –

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