I resolve to have a year of curiosity and anticipation

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With the end of another year, we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. One door closes, another one opens. Resolutions from 2013 are long gone and forgotten. Every year, we say “this is going to be a fresh start” and “I will…” . I often get asked what my resolution is and here is what I say. I don’t make resolutions but rather look to live each day with curiosity and anticipation.

Curiosity for what the day will hold and the adventures that are out there every day. They don’t have to be epic. Simple things can be very meaningful. By vowing to be curious, my every day is anything but everyday. No two days are the same. Sure there is some routine but for the most part, each day is not like any other because of the things I do, the people I meet and the situations I encounter. A big part of this is because of my curious nature.

Anticipation is the sense and feeling I have for what is in store. Anticipation for the day, the week and the months. I appreciate all that is around me so anticipation is easy because I am already looking forward to it. I equate this to traveling abroad. The trip itself is great but also the anticipation of what the trip will be and preparing for it is equally exciting. For anything I do, I approach it with curiosity and anticipation.

2014 for me was a year of transition. It was a year where I let go and took a leap of faith. I have done this before so I think it made others not so fearful of my change. I think people were just not sure what my transition was. With only 3 years from early retirement from SFU, I could have stayed but all of my indicators said it was time to move on…so I did. December 23, 2013, I locked my office door and set out on a new adventure…and an adventure it was! What it involved was:
Teaching – I had the opportunity to go down the teaching path and building out curriculum. I have a passion to help students in their journey
The book – I got published and did the book launch. This was probably one of the key highlights of 2014 for me. With Mike S, we put on an epic evening that I greatly appreciated. While the book is slowly making its way out there, the fact that I published was the biggest realization. Visit –
GradusOne – A passion of mine is to support and help young people in their life and career. GradusOne is just that. Teaming up with Manny P, Manisha N, we are on a journey to build and launch. March 4th, 2015 is the launch event and it will be another anticipation for 2015. For more information, visit –
Soapbox Speakers – I felt like I needed to start doing my public speaking professionally and getting an agent meant that they would control everything. I am not comfortable with this so decided to create my own agency with Gina M. Another opportunity to vision and build.
Bahrain speaking event – When my good friend Mohammed H Skyped with me in 2014, we realized that there was a path to work together. We decided a two day seminar to help people in their journey through storytelling and transformation. This is being built out and excited where it might lead.
Terry’s election run – Terry Beech is running for the federal Liberal Party. I was part of the team to get him into the seat as the Liberal candidate for Burnaby North Seymour. Now that he is in, I have had to pull back due to so many commitments and while I am still on his journey, I will be more supportive where I can.
MIBOSCO – There is a community of refugees in Kenya and they have very little so when my good friend Chantal B was looking for support, I jumped in. I am looking to build a team to focus on a strategic and sustainable plan. See where this goes

There is much on the plate; however, they are all related. Through curiosity and anticipation. What I have not said is that throughout the entire year, one constant is you. I appreciate all the people I get to engage with. I am glad that I don’t do an inventory of the tea/lunch/dinners I have had in 2014 and will have in 2015. People matter and I will take the time to enjoy the company of those around me…this is what makes my year most enjoyable. Live each day as if it is your resolution and see you in 2015!

I conclude with an email from a dear friend Sudhanshu – well said:
The end of a year provides the perfect opportunity to review seasons gone by and to renew ourselves for the ones to come. To let go of what has failed and what did not work, and to resolve to do more of what did work. To be kinder and to give of oneself more. To be both curious and passionate. To pay attention to the little things that so easily pass us by as we chase after the more urgent stuff. To try out something completely new and to delve into innocence again. To love and live as though nothing else mattered because strangely enough, when we do so, everything begins to matter. To look after ourselves so that we can better look after others. And to have the courage to lead oneself and others to a place where everything we do is significant and valuable.

Let us go through the door in anticipation and curious for what 2015 brings! Happy New Years!

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