A wall to keep your ideas in

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Is there something you wanted to do and approached it with such vigor that you were consumed by it? You felt so strong about your idea and wanted to realize it; however, suddenly, those around you were not so sure about it and convinced you to leave your dream because that is all that it was…a dream. You are the clouds but you are contained by a wall of doubt.

Looking at it from the other side, when someone has an idea, do you look at it with the eyes of possibilities and opportunities and foster an environment to help the idea happen or subconsciously, do you tell the idea generator why and how it can’t happen and speak with limitations and challenges and kill the dream? Are you the wall that prevents someone from reaching the sky?

Could you imagine what would have happened if Da Vinci listened to the people around him and he would not have had the vision of so many of the ideas that were far advanced for his time. What would happen if Thomas Edison, while coming up with the light bulb, people told him that it is a terrible idea…it would have been a dark world? How about if Nelson Mandela was told that the issues of Apartheid were beyond his grasp and would he could not possibly change the environment. People like these never listened to the naysayers and knew what they had to do. They scaled the wall and reached for the impossible and made it possible.

I think about the many great ideas that never germinated from a dream because someone either laughed at it or said it can’t be done. They fill the dreamer with thoughts of limitations like a balloon tethered down so that it will never fly freely. People want you to take the safe route…the easier path. I even look at my journey when I left my position at ICBC, started (and completed) a masters, wrote a book and on and on and on. I travel down my own path and I will politely hear what people have to say; however, I don’t listen. There is a lot of noise out there to steer us off the path we desire. The noise may or may not be with intent. Sometimes people are fearful for our safety through their eyes or it is not something they would do so they share it in the hopes you don’t try it.

What we need to do is find the champions and enablers who will not only listen to our ideas but encourage us to articulate the vision. The person who helps our ideas along will challenge them but to help make it a stronger idea rather than removing us from the path. How can we make it happen over it won’t work. You will have people ask you about your thoughts, you have to take a position and decide if the next time someone has an idea, do you offer an encouraging view and help the person on their journey or are you going to tell them how it can’t happen. Consider the possibilities over the limitations and the opportunities over the challenges. Help someone break down the walls and reach for the sky.

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