Only five words – who are you?

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We are moving forward, one step at a time – reaching, grasping, and trying to make sense of the world around us. We are outward focused looking out towards the horizon…trying to find a marker, signal or something to say that I am on the right path. Nervousness hits as we really are not sure which way to go. We are looking at a horizon but perhaps it is not even the right horizon? There is a forgotten horizon that is not outward, but rather inward. What I mean by this is that we spend so much time trying to move forward and making sure our feet are at least moving, we have not taken the time to really understand who we are. We need to look within, or realize we are without.

One exercise I like to try and I challenge you to try this, is to help you start looking at your inner horizon. If you and I met for the first time and I knew nothing about you…how would you describe yourself to me?

If you could not speak to me but you and had five cards and a marker, what five words would you write for me that captures your essence? Five words that captures and creates an image for me. These five words should be reflective of who you are. It does not just stop with five words though, you should be able to articulate why each of those words are important. The need to be able to express each of those words is critical.

If you did not know me, what five words would I use to describe ‘me’!? Are the following five words reflective of me? This is not an easy exercise. See what you think:
Happy – I am individual who generally has an outlook on life that is positive and people can sense and feel it. This guides me in my perspectives and view of the world.
Caring – People matter and it does not matter who you are or what you do, I want to be a supportive person on your journey. I want you to succeed
Doer – I undertake projects and initiatives and make sure that they are done with a high level of quality and conviction. I like to see things from inception, implementation to completion.
Sharing – I like to spend time with people and share. Sharing is a two way street where I like to listen, observe and then provide a thoughtful response. I appreciate a good conversation.
Passionate – I have a strong desire within and when I direct my energy to something that I believe in, things happen. I am a visionary and builder and not an implementer. I like to work on initiatives that are non-existent or dysfunctional and make it inclusive of others so they share in the success.

If you had to use five words to describe you…what would they be? I choose five as a number because I think it provides enough to see a bit of a depth but it also makes you prioritize what your top words are. We could keep on putting words down but these become the five most important. You can see how each word triggers a more significant reason why I put the word down as one of my five. Take some time to think about your five words, write them down, keep them and live them. There is no steadfast rule here. If you find another word, replace the one that is least on your list. I am forcing you to look within and start appreciating your inner horizon.

‘What are your five words?’

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