Judge or be judged

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When my wife was pregnant, the world suddenly looked pregnant to me. What I mean by this was that now I noticed all the pregnant women around me because my wife was pregnant. After I wrote my book, I now see a world of authors out there wanting to write. Many of the conversation I have these days go like this:
“Hey Sam, I just saw you wrote a book.”
“That is right, just published a book and it was a journey.”
“You know, I have always wanted to write…but”
“But what?!”…and then a long discussion.
What I have found is that many clutch their thoughts and ideas tightly for fear of sharing and being judged. There is a genuine fear, “what if people don’t like what I write” or “what I have to share is not worth sharing”…my response? “Isn’t the bigger fear if you don’t share?”

There are a great many authors and their works will never be published.
A bountiful community of poets whose sonnets will never be heard
Talented artists who will never do a brush stroke on canvas
A singer who will never walk up to a microphone and whose voice will be silent
All because there is a fear to be judged. What will people think? What if they don’t like what I say or do? I had the same issues because I wanted to write for an audience; however, I did not even know who the audience was and that did offer me concern. When I was trying to understand the audience and write to please them, I could not write. At a certain point, I had to tell my self that I am not going to write for anyone but me and that is when the passion and flair happened. I even wrote that there is a little fear in me by putting this book out…but the bigger fear is if I don’t do this.

Don’t deprive the world of your talent and passion. There are enough people on the sidelines to be quick to make comments. They will always be there. If you are true to your self, the audience will materialize and support you as they have supported me. What this also means is that you have to be careful judging others because then you have closed their door. By your comments, you might be preventing others from reaching their goal. Often times we go through life on auto-pilot and making comments but not fully aware the impact it might have on another or how charged the comment might be interpreted. What the world needs are more champions and enablers. Instead of preventing, share your thoughts but also become invested in their plans and help them along. Provide encouragement and if it is misguided, help them align the plan in a positive way so they can accomplish. Don’t just tell them it is wrong or you won’t make money. People are not malicious in their intent, they are just trying to look out for your best interest based on their perceptions. Champions and enablers will not let you fall….I will not let you fall!

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