Laying a foundation to completion as an author

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How does one go from a singular thought to a full blown book that is about to launch and being recognized as an author? Two years ago, I would never have thought…so what happened?
It is about –
• being a dreamer and a doer – if you dream of doing it then put it to action
• not being afraid to reach out to the people around you to ask for support and help
• believing in your ideas – no matter how crazy and far-fetched it might be
• being patient and letting your thoughts glide along
• not letting those voices around you tell you that you can’t/shouldn’t do it
• holding realistic expectations on what you can accomplish
• taking things in bite sized format and not dwelling on the magnitude of how big it really is
• not holding on to a structured format that does not allow one to make changes
• understanding it is a journey – you are in this for the long haul
• writing for yourself and knowing that an audience is out there who will appreciate what you say
• being true to you

This is what I can realistically say has been my foundation for the book. Scattered stories in my mind and in documents that sat idle for the longest time, came together once I realized these thoughts. This has certainly been a journey. There were times where it became a struggle but my thought was always about finishing this book and not letting it slip out of my hands. I owned this and it was for me. Something for me to share with those around me.

It is now at the finishing stages and collecting my thoughts above, it transfers to anything you want to accomplish in life. Adhere to the points that matter to you. The ones listed above are mine and some may relate to you; however, what helps you? If you look at my list, there is overlap to many things we try to accomplish in life. Look around you. What have you started that sits idle? What would you like to start but you are not sure where to begin?

As I near a finish line for the book, there is a new milestone – the book launch. A celebration of the journey and building something that will carry the book forward. The book launch is for me…but it is also for those who have been on the journey with me.

The puzzle analogy has been a constant and the book is similar to a box with puzzle pieces. Slowly, I had to take the pieces and see how they fit. Some times you hold a piece and put it aside because you are not sure how it connects. There were times where I had to walk away so I could clear my thoughts. In my mind, there was no question that I was going to finish this puzzle…and while there are still a few scattered pieces, I have a good idea what it is looking like and it is coming together on either May 15 or 20th…I hope you will be there.

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