Ready, set – GO…and relax! A different start to a day!

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It is Saturday morning and I just did three things that are uncommon and rare. I woke up at 6:00am, did not immediately go and turn on the computer and I physically wrote a letter that I will pop in the mail later today.

It is not uncommon for me to wake up early…in fact, I find it difficult to sleep in beyond 7:00am. I also don’t go to bed at 8:00pm so I wake up that early. I usually go to bed about 11:00pm. I just don’t sleep in and that leaves me even more of a day to enjoy.

Usually the first thing we want to do when we wake up is to log on or wake up our phone (that has been on all night)…we need to know who has been texting us or what is going on while you were sleeping. I am equally guilty of coming down most days, putting the kettle on and then turning the computer on to see what I need to do…there is always something to do and there will always be something to do.

Today was different. I came downstairs and put the kettle on and settled down to write a letter to two close friends of mine in England. The house was quiet and I had a note pad and pen in hand and started to write (the pen did dry out half way through the letter). Unfortunately, letter writing is getting to be a lost art because of email. Our mailboxes are always full of bills and flyers. I like to open it up and see a letter once in a while. It really is not a huge effort if you think about it and I always tell people that if you mail a letter to someone who does not expect it, it puts a smile on their face…it does put a smile on mine. I think my letter writing comes from when I used to write to my grandmother in England when I was in my early teens. We would write back and forth and I still hold on to her letters. She is no longer with us as she passed way years ago, but I still have the words and thoughts she wrote and reading them now, they are powerful words that I now live by.

I wrote my letter to two friends, June and Keith. I randomly met them in Vancouver back in 1998 and we have remained friends ever since. I have visited them and stayed with them countless times and we have the most engaging conversations and stories shared. They are an elderly couple who came up to me one day in Vancouver, while they were visiting from England, and asked about directions by bus to a destination. I said instead of a bus, I would take them and take them I did. It was only about a 10 minute drive and they went to see the sites while I went to another venue to do some work. I came back, picked them up and dropped them back to the Quay. I got a thank you card from them in the mail and I replied back and we have been writing since. It turns out that June is a travel guide so when I stayed with them, I got a grand tour of the entire Bristol/Bath area! They also attended my graduation in England when I finished my Masters…they are part of my family and all from a random hello.

It is early Saturday morning and I have already had a good start to my day. Why not take a moment and shut off the noise around you…and it is peaceful (trust me), the world will not end (I promise you)…and write a letter to someone who might not expect it (make their day).

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