The passing of a local hero – Tim Jones

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I was surprised tonight and sadden by the passing of an everyday hero – Tim Jones. He led the North Shore Search and Rescue for many years and saved countless lives with his team. His life was about saving the lives of others and always putting his in the line of risk. I had heard about some of the terrible conditions they had to endure because people decided to go out of bounds over and over and over again. No matter what…he had to go out.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim at his son’s graduation at Simon Fraser University. I was standing by the reflection pond waiting for all my graduating students and Tim stood near by. We talked for a while and he was pleased with what SFU was doing and wanted to be more involved as an alumni of the university. He was very proud of his son…so was I. We were Facebook friends and I appreciated his posts. I knew of Tim but we never went out for coffee, had another meeting or met up…yet, the news of his passing is huge and does impact me.

Just seeing the frenzy of activity on Twitter and Facebook, you know this person was highly regarded and respected. An iconic figure who was just doing his job. This is a reminder that doing what is important and right is a great way to live a life. Tim did just that…lived a life of saving a life. It is related to a story of a boy who fell into the water and was drowning. The boy was calling for help and was in a dangerous situation. Finally, through all the commotion, a man heard the cries for help and went running towards the water and without a thought, the man jumped in and risked his life to save the boy. Once the boy was safely back on shore, he thanked the man who rescued him. The rescuer said: “I needed to jump into the water to save you…but please make sure to live your life so it was worth saving….Do something with the opportunity you have been given!”

I sacrifice time to help and Tim sacrificed his life to help. Both important but on two different spectrums. One is proactive and the other reactive. We lost a hero today folks…but he did much in his life and that is all anyone can ask for. There are about 1,000-1,500 people who have been saved by the North Shore Rescue team and Tim…lets hope those saved live a life worth saving for Tim’s sake.

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