Soul venture – Who is there?

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Have you ever stood in one area of a busy place and waited for someone? What did you do? You probably turned your phone on…no wait, you never turn it off so you just start looking at it or pulled out the tablet and thought to see what is going on in the world! You look down. What you don’t realize is that the world is just walking right past you. There are souls around you.

Today I was in a situation where I got to the Vancouver public library early and just stood in the main atrium and watched people. I saw them from close as they brushed past me to seeing them from a far as they casually strolled. The public library has an indoor atrium with shops on one side and the library entrance on the other. The ceiling is high. Standing there, I note that this is a gathering place of souls and each soul has a different story, journey, life and reason.

Through my eyes, here are the souls that I came across. They were individual souls mixed in with groups of souls, tired souls from their expression, rushed souls going in and out of the library, laughing souls who appreciated the company they were with, sad souls who just sat and looked around, souls that were tall, souls that were short, there were old souls (age) and baby souls (age), I saw souls from all over the world, some souls were dressed immaculately while others were dressed quirky to some souls who did not have much apart from what they wore, you got intellectual souls with books in their hand holding them like treasures, some souls were louder than others, then there were souls that seemed lost as they just sat there with all their belongings close to them and staring blankly into the space. People came and went and there were really no connections between the people there except…they were all human beings with some basic needs. There is a drive within all of us and it is a drive to bond and a place like a library does that. Those who have others should cherish it and those who don’t really have it, long for it.

For those I observed, a further thought was about their respective journey…each individual person. Where were they coming from, where have they gone, what story does each bring forward, what are their joys and happiness, what are their trials and tribulations? What brought them to the library at that moment? I was a witness for a fleeting moment as our lives came together for the briefest of time…and many I will never encounter again in my life time.

What kind of soul am I? Have I ever been in a situation where I was one of those passing people? Did someone else cast a casual perception towards me based on what they saw? What is the impression I create and don’t leave that is lasting with random souls? I can remember the types of souls I saw in general based on characteristics and my perceptions but I can’t recall specifics or their faces. Take time to sit/stand and just watch what is going on around you. You would be amazed at what you capture when you let your soul watch other souls.

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