Landfillharmonic – the beauty of garbage

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Every so often among all the trash that we are subjected to, a beautiful gem is received. Please see and the trash aspect will be clear.

This is a very beautiful reminder that we may throw garbage out and dispose of so many things without really thinking about it but these people give us back something very beautiful. If we look around us, we consume so much and dispose of things so easy. We only see things in one perspective but, if you took the time to really look at something, you will see much more in an object. How does one turn trash into a violin or a cello and turn around to make it sound like a finely tuned instrument? These people make do with what they have.

I look at this Youtube and wonder. I can buy an expensive violin, and yet, I would not be able to play like those who have the passion to play like the children in the video. It is not a defeatist look as I have tried and the music just does not come to me. This is a reality that I have to consider. I can appreciate the music…and I do, but these children take something from their heart and soul and are able to create beautiful music.

I think this is a reminder that we should look at things more closely and carefully and realize that there is talent all around us. Also, that while there is a lot of noise and distractions among us, every so often, something powerful and beautiful comes to us. These children should be applauded not only for their music but their perseverance in such harsh conditions. Thank you for helping me see the beauty in garbage. You take ugly and make it beautiful. I stand, applaud and ask for an encore with misty eyes.

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