Journey or final destination – your choice!

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Why is it that we anxiously rush for things in life and try to get to where we think we need to be…only to arrive there and then off again. We seem to always be saying to ourselves that I need to get that job, that promotion, that car, that perfect relationship. Then you look around at others and either say that you need what they have or that they have accomplished more and you become dejected and feel unaccomplished. There is so much noise and distraction around us that drives us into frenzy. We forget to have fun!

When was the last time you sat down and thought about life…I mean really sat down and took the time to slow the pace (and I am not talking about sleeping!) and appreciate what you have around you, the people around you and the situations that are present. This post was written early morning in the stillness of the house and my mind. The realization is that we are so caught up in a race and trying to get from point A to B and as we near B, we are already thinking about C and D! Understand, it is not A, B,C or D but rather the journey that is most important part. The journey is what we should be focused on and to take time to appreciate what we experience. It is the journey and not the final destination that should matter.

One of my favorite sayings captures this beautifully. It is called ‘The Station’ and it is by Robert Hastings. I think you need to take a moment to read it and realize that it captures the essence of what we need and should be doing.

Please join me on the train and lets sit, have tea and appreciate the view. Let us surrender to the quietness around us and clear our mind of the clutter. Sit still for a moment and reflect on who you really are and what amazing things you have accomplished…because reality is that we focus on what we don’t have or who we have not become. Look out the window and see the scene but also see the reflection in the window at you, the person. We sometimes are looking out but don’t see the immediate reflection. I see the richness in the person that they sometimes don’t see. Remember, the most important part of life is not the final destination but rather the journey.

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