Many miles, smiles and styles in one day – tying it all together!

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I have hit a social marathon of three weddings this past Saturday and what did it mean? It just so happens that the timing for all worked out where one was 9:30-1:30pm; 3:00-4:00pm and 6:30pm onwards. All I will say is that I logged many miles, smiles and styles this day! The universe co-operated as there were no traffic jams to throw a wrench into this very delicately scheduled day. One more reception tonight (as this marathon was all yesterday) and this marathon is officially over. Two of the functions were my alumni and one was my nephew. Blessed to have been invited to them all…well the family one, they really had no choice 

At times, leading up, you think a cool beverage in your backyard during the day might be more refreshing than attending these functions or even one for that matter. One important counter balance to this is that you are part of a much bigger event. that brings families and friends together. In the morning wedding, I met a few of my alumni who I have not seen in a few years. One flew here from Japan and it was great to catch up. The bride in the second wedding looked stellar and I had not seen her in a couple of years, but she remembered me enough to invite me (feel very special). In the family function that capped a wonderful day, I got to catch up with family…some family who flew in all the way from the South Pacific.

I found myself thinking a lot this day, thinking about the amazing people who are taking a new journey in life, and to witness the union of not just a couple, but entire families. The smiles and tears for this new adventure together and me sitting there thinking. In conversation with my cousin that I had not seen in 25 years made me realize that some of my fondest memories were visiting him in Fiji when I was a teenager and the small things that I still remember. I recall afternoons, lying on a couch, in their living room with the fan whizzing overhead and closing my eyes and hearing the rustling palm leaves outside. Really not that significant as a memory to most who read this but this is a trigger to a flood of thoughts and emotions on how much fun that trip was, the experiences we encountered, the people who are no longer with us and how the years have passed us by. It also brings many more experiences forward.

I think sometimes we go through life and forget to take some time to catalogue or mark a memory. What is a trigger for you that brings forward so many thoughts to your childhood, adolescence or beyond? Who are the people that make up those memories? Capture one place in time and use it as a centre point to launch into your own memory lane. Capture it and write it down. You will be amazed at what you recall and…if there is someone you care about and you have not talked to them in many years, phone them or write them a letter. Time is precious and so are the memories you hold. I have spent the weekend remembering, yes these weddings are special for the people who are getting married, but it is also important for me to retie those worn memory knots that sometimes fray and break and you forget the importance of what these people mean to you.

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