Beautifully ugly perspective

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If someone said: “you make ugly look beautiful”, what is your first thought? Do you think it is a complement or an insult? Is the person thoughtful or insensitive? We start running thoughts through our mind and it also depends on our association to the person who said the comment. It is also about your own frame of reference…how do you see the world. What is your perspective?

When I first saw this comment, I saw it as a positive statement and was surprised when others thought of it as a negative comment. What I see is that someone has taken something that is distasteful and unpleasant and made it into something of beauty…crafted a miracle. Others who saw this comment thought that “you make ugly look beautiful” was just the top end of ugly and nothing more. Talk about different perspectives. When I ask this question in my business class and ask for the very first impressions, I usually get a 50/50 split.

It makes me consider that what may seem wondrous, beautiful and majestic in one person’s eyes, might be insignificant, ugly and simple in someone else. It is about your perspective and what you think it is. What is important though is that life, much like your perspectives, must be experienced. There are times where someone might say that they don’t like sushi; however, they have never tried it…they won’t because it is raw fish and there is no way they are going to like it. My request is to try it; you never know what you might experience. On another note, I have been to India once in my life and while all my senses were overloaded; it was one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. This is another example of beauty amidst some pretty harsh conditions. It is easy to find places that are filthy, smelly and overwhelming but some of the most powerful and beautiful images that are in my mind that were experienced with an open mind. I have found beauty in some pretty challenging places.

What shapes your perspectives? It is a combination of factors, events and stories. They mold and shape who we are and our perspective of the world. What may seem beautiful to one may be terrible to another. It is easy to be judgmental and create an opinion on what someone else says, but don’t let others shift your perspective…that is owned by you. You must experience (good and bad) in order to formulate your perspective. Your opinion matters and you must go in with an open mind. Take a step back to consider the options and don’t just make an assessment. You might be surprised at how beautiful ugly can be.

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