10% of 1% = Difference Makers

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Difference maker

If you live in Canada, have you ever realized what that means? No, I am not talking about a hockey loving, bacon eating, maple syrup pouring, cold beer loving nation…but we can be that too. What I am talking about is that when you look at this entire world, there is a realization that we live in the top 1% of the population…yes, top 1% of the entire world population. Unfortunately, most of those in the top 1% either don’t care to do much about it or don’t know that they are supposed to do something about it. It is the 10% of the 1%. I have found that those who care and are difference makers are 10% of the 1% and are an amazing group to be in the company of. Ask yourself where you are in the 1% and if you are not in the 10% of the 1%, look to get there.

I have tried my best to be in that 10% of 1% but I also know many of the people I interact with are also in that category. Every day, I see them doing things beyond expectations. I was recently in Toronto for the Enactus competition. These are about 30 of my students who ventured to Toronto to showcase what Enactus SFU did all year to make a difference (there were many more at home). There were 51 universities from across Canada and our team was in tough. We made it to the semi-finals but were not successful to make it to the final 4. I can now look at our Enactus teams from the past and present…and will include the future, that they are the 10% of the 1%. They give of themselves…all of them, to make this a better place because they all care. They move forward with conviction, passion and enthusiasm and I am proud to be a faculty advisor for them.

Outside of a team level, I had the pleasure of meeting Crystal B from Sheridan College and she has my student engagement position but at Sheridan and wanted to talk about the new position she has. We shared a cuppa and stories and I note that the students at Sheridan are in good hands because she is 10% of the 1% because she cares. I think I am an older version of Crystal.

I always talk about the extraordinary in the ordinary and I will say that Enactus SFU and Crystal B, there is nothing ordinary about you. Continue to be the 10% of 1% not because it will get you a better job (but it will), and not because it is impressive (but it is), or that it is something you have to do (but you do)…they do it because nothing less will do.

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