A day can turn into a life time

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Life time

I wonder how long it takes to build a life long friend? Some people can say that it takes many interactions and years to build a foundation of friendship. There has to be a level of trust and an established relationship. Sure, but it is also about the connectedness. Grab a cup of tea and read my thoughts…

Recently, I was in a conference in Boston with my good friend John…now he is someone that I know will be with me for many years. On the first day of the conference, John and I were waiting to be seated for breakfast, there was a lone person behind us and she was also waiting. I just asked if she was there for the conference and the next thing I know is that Jen was sitting with us and having breakfast. We sat together at the conference start and got to know each other. Then Lauren came and sat at our table. Both are from Wisconsin and they had not met each other either. We all wound up walking to Harvard Square as I was meeting one of my alumni, David (who is very humble), for dinner and later we all walked back. Over the course of a few days we became good friends. Well, both John and Lauren had to head back but Jen and I had the day available so we went on a very long walk to experience Boston. We got to see where the Boston bombing took place (very moving and powerful place), ate clam chowder in Cheers, walked the Freedom Trail and got lost a couple of times. All throughout, Jen and I had great conversation. She is a delightful person and we shared many stories. I also met some random, genuine and very friendly Bostonians and shared some smiles and conversations…now they are not life long friends because I really don’t know who they are but we left with smiles.

In our parting ways, Jen is much like the people I embrace into my life…I think she is stuck with me for a lifetime even though we might not see each other for a long time. It got me to think about life long friends. There are those out there that say that you can not have too many life long friends…why not and who said I couldn’t? They say that a person can’t have a large network of people as strong relationships because you can’t spend time with all those people…I can’t? Then someone better tell all the people I care about in the hundreds and thousands that they don’t mean that much to me. People also say that you really don’t know a person until you spend a great deal of time with them…I feel quality can’t be measured by quantitative ways when it comes to relationships. All I know is that I spent four days with people that I know will be with me in my journey. So how long does it take to build a life long relationship? As long as you have time for people and care about them to share stories, laughs and thoughts, it won’t take long. Respect each other. Sometimes be open to the people around you and take the time to share. Jen from Wisconsin, thank you for a wonderful day.

Balti proverb: “The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family…”…come and share a cup of tea with me and lets talk!

PS – Sunday and I had two amazing conversations and YUP, two more life long friends in Richelle and Mark. Again, many might question how you can build a life long relationship in a mere 1 1/2 hours or that they really aren’t that meaningful…well, it is having engaging, interesting and authentic conversations like I had today and when I say conversation, this means talking, listening and sharing and not realizing the time has gone by so quick. The universe has a unique way of bringing people together. I am grateful for the two new people in my life.

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