Speaking Engagements

Sam is a speaker and storyteller, who doesn’t just want to engage his audience but also works with them to realize their true self. In a world where people are doing, have they taken the time to realize why they are doing what they do? He takes the time to let dialogue and conversation occur, combined with interactive efforts, so that the participants have a better understanding of who they are. It is also more than just giving a great talk and then leaving. It is about staying connected and being supportive.

He has supported organizations, teams and individuals so they are aligned. The benefits provided to the organization are better team dynamics, a more collaborative work environment, improved communications among team members and overall improved client relationships. For the individual, they gain a better appreciation of who they are and how they can contribute to the best of their abilities. So what are some of the topics that Sam is comfortable sharing?

For the individual:
• Personal branding – helping the attendees better appreciate and understand who they are
• Personal storytelling – we all have stories and the ability to capture your story so you are better able to understand yourself and share with others

For the organization:
• Team development – to try and help uncover challenges and come up with solutions
• Relationship management – the importance of having a transformational customer service experience over just a transactional one

Sam’s gift for storytelling comes from his ability to go through life finding deep meaning and purpose in simple things. He gives out puzzle pieces to remind individuals how extraordinary they are, footprints in the sand turn into a full keynote speech and an hourglass is representative of our days. How does he do this? Through CARPE Diem.

Curiosity: Go through life with a curious mind and look for interesting opportunities.

Appreciation: Appreciate people, things, and situations. When you appreciate them, you accept them.

Reflection: Only through deeper processing, do you find the meaning needed.

Perspective: Using perspectives and perceptions to process the C-A-R.

Experience: Turn the letters into an experience and make it a memorable experience.

“Simply said, when Sam talks, people listen and learn from his rich stories of leadership.”

If you’re interested in having Sam speak at your next event, please get in touch with him via the contact page.

Upcoming Talks/Events

January 19 – UBC Arts Co-Op – Workshops on being prepared and personal branding

Past Talks/Events

January 3 – Beedie School of Business – Guest lecturer on leadership
January 20 – UBC Arts Co-Op – Workshops on being prepared and personal branding
February 1 – Tamwood International Entrepreneurship course – Guest speaker on branding and pitching
March 1 – ACCES – Workshop – Canadian Business Culture and Communications
March 9 – ACCES – Workshop – The Art of the Pitch
March 25 – Shanti Uganda Retreat – Facilitator for strategic planning
March 29 – Fiji Business Association – Speaker on Value Proposition
March 30 – Startup Hacks 2018 – Emcee and facilitator
April 12 – Farmer’s Market Vendor Workshop – Brand development presenter
April 16 – BCIT BMA Event – Careers and transitions – Panel facilitator
April 20 – SFU Venture Labs – Personal Development and Career Support
May 8 – SFU Exploration Day – Ethics in business – knowing right from wrong
June 9 – ACCES – Follow up workshop
July 19 – Career Journey: Unveil Your Future and Discover Yourself – Co-Host
September 13 – Beedie MSc Finance – Communication Skills Part 1
– Leaders of Tomorrow – Orientation Session on Mentorship
September 18 – Business Assurance Keynote – Zimbabwe
October 16 – Burnaby High School Leadership Summit – Keynote
October 18 – Beedie MSc Finance – Communications Skills Part 2
October 19 – BC Business Educators Association – Workshop on transition and transformation
October 25 – YOUCHEME women’s youth conference – Bahrain – Speaker on personal branding
October 26 – LEWAS women’s leadership conference – Bahrain – Panel member on gender diversity
November 3 – SMA – Marketing in Focus – Panel member on personal branding
November 18 – Ideas for Change – FIC – Speech on transformational change

January 7 – UBC Leadership Summit – Leadership and personal development
January 25 – Windermere WE Day – Igniting change
February 2 – Here-2-There 3.0 – Leadership Series – Conversation and Mental Wellness
February 5 – UBC HR Tomorrow Conference – Closing Keynote – HR and personal
February 22 – BCIT Business Management Association – Presentation Skills
March 4 – UBC Social enterprise event – speaker on relationship management and table host
March 28 – BCCDA Conference – Workshop presenter on mentorship
April 4 – BetaTalks at SoapBox Speakers – Motivational talk on persistence
April 6 – Burnaby City Volunteers – Collaboration
April 11 – Start Up Hacks – Pitch workshop
April 20 – Emerging Health Leaders (EHL) – Panel member on health consulting
April 29 – ProtoHacks – Your pitch
May 3 – Adler University – Student and alumni engagement talk
May 4 – AIESEC – Youth to Business – Panel Facilitator
May 5 – ICBA – High School Scholarship Awards – Keynote speaker
May 13 – Rotary ‘Young Leaders’ Conference – Emcee and fireside chat facilitator
May 15 – Mulgrave Secondary – Keynote on personal branding and social change
May 19 – Investors Group – Dealing with change in the organization
June 8 – GradusOne – StepUp Program – Establishing your personal brand
June 24 – Illuminate Student Conference – Workshops on personal branding and storytelling
July 12 – Alpha Kappa Psi SFU – Talk on commitment and personal branding
July 20 – Coach Chat Radio – Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary and Coaching
September 5 – Fraser International College – Orientation
September 9 – Leaders of Tomorrow – Mentee seminar – Making the most of mentorship
September 18 – Alpha Kappa Psi (SFU) – recruitment event
September 27 – NYIT – Entrepreneurship panel member
October 4 – Your Living Brand – Interview on personal branding
October 14 – Exploration Boot Camp – Determining who you are
October 24 – BCIT – Business Management Association – Personal branding
November 7 – Burnaby Board of Trade – Leaving a lasting impression workshop
November 18 – SFU HRSA Club – The Future of Work Keynote

January 13 – BCCDA – Webinar on mentorship
January 14 – SoapBox Speakers – Podcast on discovering the extraordinary
January 14 – Here-2-There 2.0 ‘Connected’ – Leadership event
January 23 – Student Entrepreneur of the Year – SFU – Your Brand
January 30 – Passion Club Conference – Keynote on ‘What is Passion’ and panel group
January 31 – Podcast – Your Brand is your Business
March 5 – Youth Achieving Success Conference – Closing Keynote address
March 10/11 – BCCDA Conference – Keynote speech – Career and youth around leadership
March 19 – UBC Young Investor Program – Panel facilitator and table host
March 20 – Anti Racism Gala – Racism talk and panel member
April 2 – SOAR Summit – Speaker – Who Defines You?
April 8 – Richmond School District Student Conference – Leadership
April 9 – BCIT Open House – Speaker – Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary
April 21 – BCIT Business Management Re-connect conference – Keynote speaker
May 11 – Art Institute – Graduation address
May 28 – CFOFO – Canadian Federation of Fiji Organizations – Keynote speaker – Difference between your voice and noise
June 2 – SFU’s Philosopher’s Cafe – Topic host on mentorship
July 7 – SFU’s Philosopher’s Cafe – Topic host on gratitude
July 25 – C2 Careers – Personal discovery over job searching
September 13 – C2 Careers – About personal branding and storytelling
September 16 – Entrepreneurship Podcast – Speaking about my personal entrepreneurial journey
September 22 – CFA Workshop on soft skills – personal branding and networking
September 29 – Volunteer BC – Volunteer Futures Conference – Keynote speaker
October 1 – Leaders of Tomorrow – Mentee seminar – Making the most of mentorship
October 9 – Education Conference, Mumbai, India – Academic and life success in Canada
November 1 – Burnaby Board of Trade Access Program – Leaving a Lasting Impression
November 5 – TEDxSFU – Kickoff speaker
November 16 – SoapBox Speakers – Beta Talks on overcoming obstacles
November 26 – Indie Authors – Self publishing event

January 13 – Leaders of Tomorrow – Speed Networking – mentor insight
February 7 – MPI BCIT – Leaving a Lasting Impression – Closing Keynote
March 4 – GradusOne launch – Co-Founder of this opportunity
March 14 – Youth Achieving Success Conference – Keynote speech – What defines you?
March 18 – Emily Carr University of Art and Design – Color outside the lines: all the different jobs you can do with your degree
March 28 – SOAR Summit – Co-workshop Facilitator – Community Leadership with Kal Dosanjh
March 31 – Ignite 2015 High School Career Conference – Next Steps – Finding your way (Goal setting, discovering career options, mentorship)
April 20 – Vancouver Coastal Health – Mentorship session – Personal storytelling
April 27 – Brentwood Park Elementary – Pro D day – Extraordinary in the Ordinary
April 28 – SD36 Challenge – Surrey Simon Fraser University – Entrepreneurship Challenge
April 30 – Fab40 – Emcee networking event for dynamic students from local post secondary
May 3 – Surrey Teen Summit – Big Brothers – Leaving a Lasting Impression workshop
May 6 – GradusOne Not For Profit Panel – Emcee and panel facilitator
May 7 – BCHRMA – Keynote Speech and panel facilitator on self-leadership – Burnaby
May 8 – Delta Student Council Conference – Keynote speech on what defines you – Delta
June 27 – Illuminate Conference – Vancouver – Keynote speech on ‘who’ defines you
September 19 – SFU Student Society – Transactional to Transformational Experiences
September 25 – Mavrixx Leadership Event – Opening address
September 26 – Go Vision – youth career conference – Who and What defines you
October 1 – SoapBox Speaker Launch – The Extraordinary in the Ordinary
October 20 – Passion Club SFU – Who Defines You!
October 23 – BCTOESL Conference – Keynote speech and panel facilitation
November 9 – Burnaby Board of Trade ACCESS program – How to leave a lasting impression
November 15 – TEDxSFU – Connecting the Dots – Introduction speech to kick off event
November 28 – Collective Impact – What and who defines you?

January 15 – KED Talks – Kwantlen University Leadership Talk – Topic – How to Leave a Lasting Impression
January 16 – Burnaby School Discrict – Leadership Summit – Topic – Your leadership
January 20 – CMA/CPA – Junior Achievement Event – Keynote – What defines you!
February 4 – Lions Lair – BCIT – Public speaking and getting your message across
February 5 – Leaders of Tomorrow – Vancouver Board of Trade – How to Leave a Lasting Impression
February 11 – Govrnexx – Storytelling – Discovering the extraordinary out of the ordinary
April 5 – Big Brothers – Teen Summit – Your Leadership
May 5 – BCHRMA HR Cafe – Table host and speaker – Self leadership and storytelling
May 10 – SOAR Philanthropic Society – Leadership Conference – Your Leadership
May 27 – Here-2-There book launch and documentary screening
July 10 – APSA Lunch and Learn – Personal Storytelling: The Extraordinary in the Ordinary
September 16 – Save-On-Foods – speaking to leadership team about change management
September 19 – SOAR Philanthropic Society – Gala event
September 30 – MsFinance – Beedie School of Business – Public speaking and conversation skills
October 21 – Burnaby Board of Trade – Access Program Talk – How to Leave a Lasting Impression Talk
November 1 – Save On Food – vendor fair and books sales
November 1 – TEDxSFU – After party to celebrate the speakers
November 7 – Fraser International College – Recipient – Teaching Excellence Award
November 10 – Kwantlen Park – Teachers PD day – Inspiring through storytelling
November 13-16 – Inspire – Toronto Book Fair – Set up in the HUB
November 19 – Right Management – Executive Networking Group – Leaving a Lasting Impression
November 22 – SEY Student Entrepreneur of the Year – Surrey campus – Representing GradusOne

August 29 – The Power of One – Leadership and the Student’s Journey – Simon Fraser University Images Theatre
September 11 – Surrey MVP Meet Up, Surrey Brew Pub – Speaker – Personal storytelling and the importance of your brand
September 20 – SOAR Philanthropic Society, Surrey, BC – Speaker – What defines you…putting together the puzzle of life
September 21 – TEDxSFU – SFU Burnaby, BC – audience member
September 24 – Burnaby Leadership Summit – Burnaby Central, Buranby, BC – Speaker to grade 8 and 9 students – Leadership and understanding your young journey
October 11 – SFU Graduation Ceremony am – address to the graduating students as a representative of the SFU Alumni Association
October 12 – TYE – young entrepreneur event – guest
October 15 – Burnaby Board of Trade – Access Program Talk – How to Leave a Lasting Impression Talk
October 29 – Peer Educator talk at SFU – Leadership Lessons
November 23 – Graduation Address to Vancouver Career College, CDI College and Vancouver College of Art and Design – What defines you!
November 29 – Bus 338 class at SFU – What it means to be an ‘intrapreneur’

If you’re interested in having Sam speak at your next event, please get in touch with him via the contact page.

Previous Presentations

Sam Thiara Speaking at TEDxSFU

Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Life is full of the ordinary and it consumes us; however, embedded in the ordinary is the extraordinary. It is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Many feel the extraordinary are those epic moments in life but reality is that it can be out of the ordinary. If you feel it is important to you and it is memorable, then you have just found the extraordinary in the ordinary. The extraordinary from the ordinary might be where you build a bookshelf without instructions or receive an unexpected letter from someone you have not heard from in ages. What makes it extraordinary is that you look at it from a deeper perspective and it turns something meaningless into meaningful.

» Watch Sam’s TEDxSFU Video

Organizational Behaviour, Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Sam teaches organizational behaviour, leadership, and entrepreneurship courses at Simon Fraser University and Fraser Internal College at Simon Fraser University. These lecture topics can be adapted to professional audiences as well as students. There is flexibility if the audience would like to have a shortened or reduced program with key concepts structured to the participants. Content covered includes organizational culture, team work, conflict negotiations, power and politics, leadership, communications and many other concepts.

As an accomplished speaker, he is also asked to speak as a keynote speaker at many conferences on personal and professional development. Past keynotes: “How to leave a lasting impression and not just a footprint”; “Personal storytelling – we all have something to say”; “What defines you – an understanding of how YOU are the journey” and many more topics.

Professional and Conference Testimonials

Sam Thiara is an elegant, honest and thoughtful presenter. He was able to inspire our mentoring pilot group to think about their leadership and impact as mentors and mentees in new and creative ways. His stories were engaging and relevant. It was a pleasure to have Sam lead our session. He provided practical and simple ways for people to create meaningful stories our of everyday experiences and look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. I would recommend Sam as a speaker at your next event.“

Jennifer Deane, BA, CPCC
Management Development Advisor
Vancouver Coastal Health

Sam Thiara Circle Spacer

“When asked to come speak at our annual office conference on the topic of motivation, leadership and managing change, Sam delivered the goods. Sam understood right away what we needed by asking the right questions, listening and understanding. Sam’s understanding of our situation was clearly evident in that he adjusted his message based on what he heard from other presenters before him. I would highly recommend Sam as he’s an excellent public speaker with great stories and has the ability to connect with individuals at different levels.”

Chetan Sehgal, CPA, CA•IFA, CAMS, MAcc
Associate Director, Toronto Disputes and Investigations Practice
Navigant Consulting

Sam Thiara Circle Spacer

“We’ve requested Sam as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at KPU a number of times and he has always delivered in a powerful and meaningful way. His personal presence and messages have engaged and inspired students to notice the deep things of life and make a greater positive impact on their world.”

Kurt Penner
KPU Faculty in Student Life & Development

Sam Thiara Circle Spacer

Thank you so much for speaking at the Team ALS BC &Yukon Volunteer Conference on February 23rd. It was great to meet you. Your presentation was very well received by all the participants. In fact, several of them noted your presentation as what they most liked about attending the conference. Some of the comments we received from our survey are “ Presentation well done; good use of personal story ”, “ He was funny, entertaining, interactive and kept us captivated ” and “ Terrific way to kick of the conference, very inspiring .”

Susan Hampton
ALS Society, BC and Yukon