Personal Storytelling

What’s the last story you heard, what’s the last story you wrote and what’s the last story you lived? We all have stories within us; however, at times we are not aware that they exist or hold on to them because we fear that others might not be interested. If something is important to you, it is worth sharing.

This book is about helping you build and tell your stories. Through personal experiences and practical exercises, you too will be able to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. In a world where there is so much visual noise, the world values and remembers stories and appreciates a good storyteller. Whether you want to be more reflective or take pleasure in the personal experiences shared, there is something for everyone in this book. Click the link to purchase your paperback and e-copy of the book.

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Here-2-There Book Launch for Personal Storytelling: Results from spring 2014

5:30 PM to 10:00 PM / Goldcorp Centre for the Arts at SFU Woodwards Campus (149 West Hastings Street)

What does a book about personal storytelling and a documentary about an expedition deep into the Himalayas of Nepal have anything to do with each other? It is the journey about two individuals who embraced and took their dreams from here to there and how each discovered the extraordinary in the ordinary….Here-2-There (we took it from here and visioned it to there and the #2 represents Sam and Mike)

The successful event saw about 170 people attend and be captivated by various mediums of storytelling through conversation, movie, images and music. There was an impressive line up of speakers and music that focused on the theme of personal storytelling and each person’s own journey.

The event started with a beautiful musical start where violist, Thomas Beckman captivated the audience with his authentic sounds while images by Eric Saczuk floated in and out behind him. It was a very rich and powerful example of storytelling through sound and image.

Sharad Khare, from Khare Communications, emceed the event and his experience to lead and facilitate discussion was engaging. He introduced Rick Antonson, former CEO and President of Tourism Vancouver and author, who spoke about Cathedral Thinking. Rick introduced Sam Thiara who talked about his journey to write the book that was the foundation for the event.

Sam Thiara focused on the journey of storytelling through conversation and introduced contributing author, Adam Cotterall. Both shared their respective thoughts and ideas on storytelling.

After a short intermission, Mike Schauch spoke about his trek to the far reaches if Nepal and set up his amazing documentary. The movie was captivating as he told about the results of this adventure.

Finally, Sharad did a roundtable talk with Sam and Mike about how it all brought the evening together around the theme of personal storytelling and discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The objective of the organizers of the event was to create an audience experience that they would not forget. After a flood of appreciation from the audience, it was decided that another event will be coming in October 2014. The formula for Here-2-There was a positive one where we took a theme and wove into it the various aspects that made for a wonderful evening.

You can see the various videos of the event at:
Short compilation video
Sam Thiara’s talk –
Mike Schauch’s talk
Sharad, Mike and Sam roundtable conversation –