You will find that Sam is very approachable and happy to speak to you. He does not find the time to meet with you, but rather makes the time to meet with you because he values the conversation. If for some reason, your note does not go through, please email him directly at
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Life time

What some have shared

Sam Thiara is one of the most inspirational and kind hearted individuals I have ever met. To say that Sam has had a profound impact on my life would be an understatement. I met Sam at a time when I was confused and unsure about the next steps I wanted to take in my life. Meeting him was almost a miracle in that Sam has helped bring so much clarity and support, of which I am truly grateful.“ Angie Rai – Head of Content, Wish
“Sam Thiara is one of those rare kinds of individuals whose impact goes far beyond himself. Sam is an enabler, in the best kind of way. He goes above and beyond week after week to mentor and guide individuals to become the best they can, and to be better citizens overall. Sam consistently challenges those around him to create a better world, and from personal experience I know he’s touched the lives of hundreds that he’s mentored over the years, and many of those people have gone on to help others because of his influence. Sam is a model citizen, and is most deserving of this award.” Sean Peters – CEO at DryGro
You can also drop him the information and details at the following email address