Ignite the Dream Coaching

Affordable coaching for those seeking fulfillment, starting out or rethinking their career

Are people telling you what to do and it is not you deciding?

Not sure what your personal brand is and need help to unfold your untold story?

Are you lost and not sure which way to take your life and career?

Having coached and mentored hundreds and engaged with thousands, Sam Thiara is experienced in guiding and supporting those who are seeking more to life, not sure which way to go, not satisfied in their present state or are looking to transition. Sam has supported people from the executive and professional level who are established in their careers and looking for more to life…to those that requires more guidance and support. He is skilled at asking critical questions that helps to get the individual to discover their path, and overcome obstacles in achieving their goals. Sam does not tell you what to do but rather through story sharing, inquiry and listening, the path is uncovered.

Everyone has their own pathway and rather than imposing his views, Sam guides the individual through sessions. His specialization is around the youth who are in post secondary/recent graduates and early career, but is not limited to this audience as he is sought after by professionals.

So who is Sam?

Sam has over 20+ years of experience and Sam has mentored and coached hundreds and supported their journey. He is an avid writer, blogger, storyteller and speaker. As an entrepreneur, he is the Chief Motivating Officer for Ignite the Dream Coaching and Consulting, an organization to support the people in their journey. With over 50 non-profit organizations that he is associated with, his life revolves around giving back for the betterment of the community.

Awards & Recognition

  • Governor General’s Canadian Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers (replaces the Canadian Award) for leadership and community involvement.
  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Rick Hansen Difference Maker medallion
  • TEDxSFU speech about ‘Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary’.
  • TEDxLangaraCollege about ‘Activating the Voice Within Rather Than the Noise Around’
  • Published Author “Personal Storytelling: Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary”
  • Published Author “Lost and Found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself”
  • Working on Book “How to Secure Your First Job”

Education & Certificates

  • Lecturer at SFU and FIC
  • Certificate in Higher Education from Harvard University
  • Certificate in Life Coaching from Cambridge University, England
  • Certificate in Happiness and Positive Psychology from Indian School of Business
  • MA in Leadership Studies from University of Exeter, England


Entrepreneur, lecturer, storyteller, writer, mentor, coach and community service

Interested? Reach out at story.share.community@gmail.com!

Education Testimonials

Sam has beautiful life messages to share, and EVERYONE needs to hear them. Whether it is our professional or personal lives, we all have the potential to be an “extraordinary” self to the people who are around us. Through the art of story-telling, Sam engages his audience to reflect on simple but powerful ideas about persistence, life passion, and reframing perspectives. These ideas are important for any institution that values teamwork and personal empowerment. When you connect with Sam, he will be your mentor for a lifetime.

Sharon Lau, Kwantlen Park Secondary

Sam Thiara Circle Spacer

Sam with Students from SFU's Beedie School of BusinessSam Thiara is one of the most inspirational and kind hearted individuals I have ever met. To say that Sam has had a profound impact on my life would be an understatement. I met Sam at a time when I was confused and unsure about the next steps I wanted to take in my life. Meeting him was almost a miracle in that Sam has helped bring so much clarity and support, of which I am truly grateful. Sam takes the time to get to know everyday people – he often looks for the “extraordinary in the ordinary”. It is these small things that make Sam so great; it is the fact that he is willing to share his love for the world that makes him so inspirational.

Angie Rai, Accenture

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Sam was a crucial catalyst for so many great things that have occurred in my life. His friendship, guidance and inspiration while I was at SFU set the foundation for me to challenge myself to do more. Now, 5 years after graduating, I look back at many achievements including an Outstanding Alumni Award, a Volunteer Vancouver award, an Oxford MBA, and CEO of my own growing company and I can honestly say that much of this may not have occurred if Sam was not part of my life. This however is not Sam’s amazing achievement. What makes Sam special is that my story is far from unique. With 3,200 Canadians passing through the hallways of Simon Fraser’s business school my story is only one of over 10,000 examples of how Sam has bettered the life of Canadians not only in Canada but around the world.

Terry Beech, CEO, Hire the World and Federal Liberal Candidate for Burnaby North Seymour

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Sam Thiara is an incredible mentor, leader and friend. One of Sam’s most outstanding traits is his natural public speaking ability. Simply said, when Sam talks, people listen and learn from his rich stories of leadership. I have seen him speak at numerous events including the TEDxSFU conference and LEAD Certificate in Innovative Leadership workshops, where he was always a standout speaker and an inspiration to many of the students who were in attendance. The leadership lessons Sam weaves through his storytelling are modest and powerful – it is obvious that his stories come straight from his heart. I know that many students, including myself, have been positively impacted by his advice. Sam is also an avid volunteer with an unwavering dedication to community service. He never hesitates to help any cause or organization at hand and he always makes helping those around him a priority. Aside from all of Sam’s professional and volunteer accomplishments, what strikes me most about Sam is his personality and values as an individual. Sam is one of the most personable, genuine and trustworthy people I know. He will always go above and beyond to make people feel important and special.

Stephanie Wong, Alumni, Beedie School of Business and now Marketing for L’Oreal Canada, Montreal

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Sam is that rare individual who doesn’t just make the community better, he creates the community. He connects people with ideas, experiences and knowledge and thus creates tomorrow’s leaders. He is always ready to help and can always be counted on for advice and support. His work is the glue that keeps the community together and provides countless ways for students to get involved and make a difference. Sam always says that what matters is building relationships. He truly lives by those words. He is a true community leader, though you won’t find him in a visible spot – he’s working away behind the scenes, building, connecting, inspiring and gently leading students into the spotlight. Our community is better because of him and for that I am truly grateful.

Larisa Topalo, Recent Alumni, Beedie School of Business and now Communications & PR at Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Community Involvement Testimonials

Holding HandsSam Thiara is one of those rare kinds of individuals whose impact goes far beyond himself. Sam is an enabler, in the best kind of way. He goes above and beyond week after week to mentor and guide individuals to become the best they can, and to be better citizens overall. Sam consistently challenges those around him to create a better world, and from personal experience I know he’s touched the lives of hundreds that he’s mentored over the years, and many of those people have gone on to help others because of his influence.

Sean Peters, President, Global Catalyst Initiative

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Sam has been a stalwart supporter of our work at Global Agents for many years, and has never failed to connect us to opportunities and like minded innovators. It’s hard to imagine all that he’s accomplished in the years that he has contributed to the university, and this is partly due to the mighty ripple affect of all those he’s influence; there is a clearly discernible trail of emerging business and community leaders that all lead back to Sam in one way, shape or form. His impact extends well beyond the university and he’s a force in the community; all who have had the opportunity to work or collaborate with him share a deep respect and affection for the man, and the leader.

Shawn Smith, President & Chair, Global Agents for Change

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I have had the pleasure of seeing Sam speak on a number of occasions and yet always take away new tips and insights from his presentations. Sam is sincere, highly engaging, and thought provoking. His message is relevant to those at various career or life stages and leaves guests inspired to achieve their goals.

Austin Nairn, Programs Manager, The Vancouver Board of Trade