Living In a World of Flashlights While Wearing Night Vision Goggles

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I recently saw a post by a dear friend saying that the limitations of others have the potential to bring one down. I am a visual person so when I see phrases, I attribute it to images, analogies and metaphors. Very true words from my friend; however, it made me think of a phrase, ‘Living in a world of flashlights while wearing night vision goggles.’


What the phrase made me ‘see’, is a perspective about leading an organic life. You see, people may not understand the life that I have embraced, or my friend, or any other person who pursues an organic life. What is an organic life? It is where you have moved away from a structured life and your days are flexible and really don’t hold a routine. It also means that you may do things in your life that leave people scratching their head. Now, I do want to stress that if you have a structured life, you are not doing the wrong thing…absolutely not! But what I am sharing is that there are us organics out there and unless you can support us, it might not be wise to tell us to, ‘Get a more stable job.’ or ‘I am not sure your path is the best for you.’


If you think of life as standing on a line in a pitch black evening and pointing a flashlight into the darkness, you can only see so far. The reality of what is out there, is only as far as the eye can see the light and you are only able to see what the light allows you to see. The phrase, ‘Living in world of flashlights while wearing night vision goggles’, is about us organics not using a flashlight but rather having on night vision goggles that allows us to make out the horizon and what the landscape holds. It does not mean that it is easier for us, but rather we can make out what someone holding a flashlight might be limited in seeing. Does this make our path easier, somewhat, but it does not mean it is a breeze. It means we can see a bigger picture of what is out there and where we might need to go.


So if you see an organic person, someone who’s path is not structured, encourage them or ask them what it is like.

  • We organics value the structured person as they are a valuable resource to help us get where we all need to go and we are happy to bring you along!
  • You can have a flashlight and know what you are exceptionally good at, as an organic, we have the bigger picture and can fit all the flashlight pieces to support us all.
  • The mystery of an organic lies in their lives not having a routine and if that is difficult for the structured person, know that the limitations one holds does not apply to the organic. You can’t focus a structured life on an organic journey.


I guess what the most important thing for you, if you are holding a flashlight, is to make sure you have very good batteries and spares in your pocket. We never want to leave you in the dark. As organics, we will help you and support you. We appreciate your journey and the work you have done along the way. We are not here to say our life is better than yours, it is just different. Wearing night vision goggles, helped me to vision and write this post!

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