Moving Forwards and Backwards…At the Same Time

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In the stillness of my morning, a thought emerged. We are on a world that is moving forward through space and we are inhabitants that have no control of its direction…so then, why do we move backwards at the same time. We are moving forwards and backwards because the direction of the earth is set but the way we treat each other, impose our perceptions and divide the world, is moving us backwards.

We take technological steps forward with science and advances by some of the brightest minds…and yet, we can not sit down and have a civil conversation because we have our own thoughts and ideas that need to be imposed. Perceptions are dangerous because we use them as our own truths and try to impose them on others. Think about it, where do our perceptions come from? They have quietly trickled into our mind by society, all forms of media and those around you on what is right and what is wrong, how things should be done, and what is appropriate. Culturally as well, some of those long held beliefs that no longer fit our frame of reference clash with what we think should happen vs what has happened in the past. We are afraid to let go of our ancient rituals because of the unknown of what lies before us. There is good in knowing what helps us get where we are and how it can advance us.

The challenge though, minds that are locked on what is best for society and are imposed upon us. Fear that if we do not do as told, the world will collapse, society will plumet into darkness and the abyss. The torch bearers that feel they guide us miss the fact that each of us holds a candle of light within us. The embers within us are there and can ignite the change that we so desperately need. The obstacle before us is the frustration that takes over and thoughts of, “I am just one, how I can I possibly make a change in this world? I want to, but nothing will come of it.” Those are the words of a bystander in life. Instead, roll up your sleeves and look to invoke change at its smallest level. If we all decided to be servant leaders, imagine what could happen. Instead of changing the world through your eyes, change the world through the eyes of those you help. You don’t impose your world on anyone because that is what we have done. Instead, what if you share your time, listen to them and learn about them and help them to see the possibilities over the challenges in their world. If you do this, they see the world differently and you have invoked change…you have changed the world because they will see things from a fresh lens.

We could sift the good that society has provided us and mix it with forward thinking that helps us to be a better society…a more just place…a more caring society. Each of us has a capacity of change within us.

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