My life is an hourglass and I am 21,300 grains of sand old!

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Your life is an hourglass, it represents your life. If each grain of sand represents a day of your life, today I am 21,003 grains of sand old. I know how many grains of sand are below me, 21,003, but how many are above me? Is it 1, meaning this is my last day, 500, 5,000? We know how many grains of sand are below us, but how many are above us? All I know, every morning, a single grain of sand enters that narrow chamber and as I go through my day, it gathers my experiences, stories and conversations and at the end of my day when I go to sleep, it drops below. For the last 25 years, I have never wasted a grain of sand! I make them all rich and that is because of you all who have been on my journey and support me along the way. If you think of each of your days as a grain of sand, how do you want your day to go? Add richness to that grain of sand. Understand that my life is not this rosy, artificially laced life that is perfect. Not at all. In fact, always dealing with very challenging situations.

Make 2020 about balance. There will be great triumphs and there will be challenging obstacles. There is no doubt about this fact. Which ever side of the scale we are on, it is all marked as an experience. The only difference is that those challenges seem to weigh heavier than the triumphs and one needs to switch it around. Like a house of cards, it can all come crashing down if one is not too careful.

Take the time to appreciate the good and don’t fear the bad. It is all part of the journey. For the moments that are good, capture them and hold on to them. They are fleeting if you don’t do that and disappear. For the bad, build resilience. Know that things will go sour on occasion but how you deal with it is what will matter. Anchor 2020 with a positive outlook but don’t let it bring you down. It is easy to dwell on the negative outcomes and people but stop! Before you cross the threshold into the negative space, accept what is there and walk away. Remember, your perspective may differ from another and that is alright.

So how can one build resilience?
– Be reflective – When things happen that are good or bad, think of it from a deeper perspective and try to look at the situation from another angle or perspective
– Learn from the experience – When something goes wrong or unexpected, rather than going down the path of negativity, think of it from the perspective of learning. How can the experience make you stronger?
– Know that there must be balance – Our mind and eyes must be trained on the fact that there will be challenges on our horizon. Do not fear the challenges and know that things will improve, shift or change
– Live for the moment – Know that there are no guarantees in life. What have you wanted to do but have not tried. This is the time to activate it!
– Know that there are different perspectives and views – We may think we are right but others might think they are right. So instead of convincing someone they are wrong, how about trying to understand each others position.

Protect each grain of sand because once it is goes below you…you can not get it back. Make each grain count!

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