Lost and Found…Journey to the Finish Line!

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The finish line is in site, the book launch is happening Here-2-There 4.0. Seven years ago, I never even thought of myself as a writer and let alone be an author. The foundation was not there at an early age. I was reading some of my early report cards from primary school and they say, “Sammy is creative but has challenges getting his thoughts down on paper.” Or “Language Arts is a challenge for Sammy and added practice might prove helpful to him.” This has always dogged me and I never conceived a notion of Sammy being a writer.

Fast forward to the present and about to launch my second book and my passion project! In my case, it was slow and steady. Some times you need to take on a challenge head on and know that in the end you will be triumphant. It is like finding a small root in the yard and with a small shovel, you try and pull it out only to find out that it is a lot more work and before you know it, the root is out but it took tremendous effort, more tools and a lot of sweat. The same applies to the book, ‘Lost and Found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself’. Now that the book is done, looking back, you realize the herculean effort that it took to get it to the point where it is now ready to be read.

I started to write this book about two years ago. It was a painstaking process of writing it all down in raw format. Just get your thoughts down on paper and not worry about grammar, spelling or structure. Just keep thinking, writing and more thinking and slowly it started to take shape. The book began to take twists and turns and before I knew it, I put a period and it was 85,000 words long! Every so often, I would pull the photo of my village out for inspiration and know it was a story that needed to be told. A journey to find one’s roots and in the process, also find oneself. It began to be a story that not only helped me but could help others.

Now that the book was done, how to proceed? Do I try and get an agent so they could push my book out there into the world with me in the drivers seat…no wait, they drive, I would be in the passenger seat. Another option, self publish, where everything is on my shoulders and I would have to build the car and drive it. I would have to push the book out there and try and sell every copy? I was fortunate to find a hybrid model, an organization that embraced me and the book. PageTwo Strategies came in and allowed me to drive, with them as my navigator. Rather than just trying to think of the final destination, they helped me to appreciate the view as I was driving to the point where I am today. The book went through a barrage of edits and refinements and Amanda, my editor, in the most beautiful way, lopped off 25,000 words. It was a forging stage and we went back and forth until the shape of the journey was there and written in the most beautiful way. Then the design team stepped in to create an amazing cover and inside. They carefully crafted the book as if it were their own and they took a very personal interest in the journey. Finally, the outreach and marketing stepped in to say, “this needs to get out there.” Throughout this process, a lovely soul emerged in Bif Naked and she fell in love with the story and has now become a dear friend and a strong endorser of the book. She connected with the message of feeling lost and through a journey, finding oneself. On a task like this, you pull your army of supporters together.

Now, as I type this note, the book launch is set for Nov 27th. The unveiling of the journey and the anticipation of the book into the hands of the reader. I wrote something in my first book that still applies to today. “There is fear in me writing this book because of what people might think…but the bigger fear is what if I don’t write this book and share my journey.” I truly believe that there is a book or story in everyone. You are a living story. You just need to dig down deep and start writing and not worry about what someone might say. If you don’t share, you are denying the world your adventure. You just need to find those supporters, champions and friends who will encourage you along the way. Book writing is a marathon and if it was easy, everyone would do it…but you need to do it!

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