Being big league in the minor leagues

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“I have a dream”, compelling words by one of the most moving orators. But I do have a dream! I want to become a big league motivational speaker and Martin Luther King Jr captured it with these words. I want to be world renowned…but not for the same reasons as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra or any of the others who are on the world stage. These people have made a name and a following but for me, it is not about notoriety, status or money. My reason? I have something to share and I want to share to help others. I am sure that those are also the intentions of others but mine is authentic to me. I am not a bystander in life, I am a community activator.

I want to make it to the major leagues; however, the reality is that it might not come to fruition. Perhaps I am not connected to influencers in the right way? It might be possible that I am not good enough? Maybe, I am destined to be at the top end of a minor leaguer? These are all situations that have swirled around in my mind. Maybe, maybe, maybe. What if the best I can muster is to be in the minor leagues. At first, this used to trouble me. Now don’t get me wrong, this was not a defeatist position but one that struck at the chord of reality. What if it is the minor leagues and I don’t make it to the major leagues. It is like any major sports, there are the majors where you get the accolades and then there is the grinding it out in the minor leagues.

I had a triple victory recently. I got through this with the wise words of a dear friend.
• I will not give up my intention of making it to the major leagues. I am going to continue to craft my skills, demonstrate tenacity, carry on speaking even if it means for free. Anything I do, is to get me to the major leagues
• However, reality is that maybe I am at the point of, ‘this is as good as it gets’. I have resolved that I am not giving up but I can accept this and once I accepted this, it allowed me to concentrate on what really matters, offering stories and insight to help others
• I made it! This is what I realized, I have made it to the big leagues and allow me to explain. As I was sitting with a dear friend and relaying how I want to make it to the big leagues but I might be only good enough to the minor leagues, this person said something. She said it with such sincerity and honesty, and that stopped me and made me realize that I needed to rethink this. She said that she never really cared for those other world renowned speakers that I was trying to be in the company of. No, for her, she said that I already was big league to her and that I should feel comfort in knowing that my time spent with her was major league and made a profound impact. After that comment, I never looked back.

So all of this means that I am not going to give up, I am going to keep trying. I have to look within to realize who I am so I can carry on with trying to engage, activate and inspire. If one person goes on to do amazing things because I spent time with them, then my work is done. I can accept that I might be the top end of the minor leagues. That to some, I am already big leagues and that I have accomplished what I set out to do. I appreciate the three aspects that I learned here: I will continue, I can accept and I have accomplished.

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