Lost and Found – A book on searching for my roots

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Lost and Found is a book I am writing about the need to find my origins in India. A few years back, I went on a journey and the journey was a need to seek out and find out my roots. Over many years we had lost touch with our origins in India. While there were some established generations in India, my grandfather left the Punjab to seek out his global adventures and that meant that we were now a separated generation from the roots. My grandfather and our lineage spanned Fiji, England and Canada but not India. Slowly the door to our roots in India started to close and years and years of absence meant that the chance to find my grandfather’s house were fading.

I went to India for the first time in my life in Dec 2004 to seek out and find what was lost. With very little information and a single photograph, I embarked on my own adventure to try and locate our origins. Well, I am happy to share that this journey is now my next book called: Lost and Found – in search of my roots.

I wrote my first book on storytelling and that was a lot of work…a marathon actually. Pulling thoughts and ideas, I decided to write a book to help others in their personal journey. While it took 16 months and at times I stopped writing, I think it was not a matter of ‘if’ I was going to write a book, but rather, ‘when’ would the book be complete. I had to muster down and write and pull thoughts onto paper. In 2014, I published my first book. Now one can stop and say that they accomplished what they set out to do; however, I felt that there was another book within me. I am happy that I am writing again and while it is feeling like a lot of work and I am still no where near finished, it is taking shape. I am actually glad that it is taking so much effort and time. Anything worth doing and appreciating needs to be valued and this project is a huge task. The more difficult the struggle, the sweeter the prize!

For now, I would like to share a rough draft and excerpt from my book (remember, this is a rough draft!). It is a travel adventure book and I want to take you with me on my journey to India and experience what I experienced. I hope you like this small preview:
I finally had a restful sleep but at the same time, I wound up getting up at 4:00am. So how is restful and 4:00am even remotely possible? I guess you could say that by going to be bed at 10:00pm and waking up at 4:00am, allowed me to get 6 hours of sleep. So what does one do at 4:00am when they lie awake? Go to the arm chair, turn on a small light so as to not wake up your wife and you begin to read. I picked up my book on India from the side table and read about some of the places we had been thus far and about where we will be going. I also pull out the journal I have been keeping and reflected on what I have been writing so far. I wind up drifting in and out of the words and the world I have been experiencing. I read a little, look blankly at the wall and images appear to me. Where and what was life like where my descendants are from. How I want to have this as a legacy for others in my family.

While in the circle of light that engulfed me, I opened another map that I purchased from a small little stall while shopping at a marketplace in Jaipur. It is not one of those massive maps but one that still unfolds. I open it, fold it and fold it again as if I am making a paper airplane so that it only shows me the state of Punjab. Here is where I need to go. It was not a detailed map which will make my journey any easier, but I think it was a comfort purchase that I needed to add to my growing supplies to try and find my village. Running my fingers along the map, I could trace our next week of travel to the Punjab. Somewhere out there our village lies. Somewhere in the vastness of the Punjab is my goal. Will it be realized? I am not sure and it looks like a daunting task. None the less, I am determined and I have come a long way and failure is not an option I am considering. While some self-doubt does emerge because the odds and time are against me, I am not going to let that hold me back from at least trying. Instead of thinking of not reaching my goal, I reflect on what if I do find it? I hold on to the flicker of what might be and keep fueling it so that it burns brighter and brighter. I remind myself why this is so important to me: If I don’t find my roots and we skip another generation, it will be lost forever and not something I am comfortable with at all. I want to try what ever I can to find my grandfather’s house, where my ancestors have come from, and a sense of not feeling lost about where my origins are from. Sure, I can trace it to the Punjab but I want to pin point it and attach it to a specific place and not the vastness of a state.

I will drop little previews every so often. It keeps me to task. If you enjoyed this, please consider purchasing my first book on storytelling at – Paper back – paperback book and ebook – e-book copy

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    Hi Sam back in uk now lovely talking to you at the school.Just read your blog,keep me in the loop let me know when book published take care BobP.

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