It Is Time

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As the year comes to a close, it is time to reflect, appreciate what happened over the year. Take the time to understand, but not dwell, on what might not have been the best, but to know it guides us to make us stronger. Be curious in life and see where it might guides you. A poet I am not but the following thoughts came to me on the eve of New Years.

It is time

The year is beginning, to come to a close
What is out there we ask, nobody knows
We must venture forward, to explore and seek
This is not the time, for me to be meek

I tell myself, how that year went by fast
I try to remember, that it was a blast
Sure there were times, where down I went
To only emerge, with a very small dent

The year is a scale, balance is key
It is never about, our life being easy
There will be times, happy will be
But balance will say, sad will be me

What ever the year, decides to show
The things that I, need to know
It is up to me, and I will be fine
Things will happen, but this life is mine

Take the time, to reflect and to think
In a year, that went by as quick as a blink
Think of what, you have learned to date
It holds the key, that opens your gate

Instead of dwelling, on negative stuff
Things that will, always be rough
Look at life, in a different way
This will help, to improve your day

Move forward today, and decide what to bring
The things you need, to make your heart sing
You might not know, there is a purpose you hold
Something to activate, before you feel old

Never hesitate to know, I am always here
For that fact alone, you have nothing to fear
I want to see, where life takes you
I am already proud, of everything you do

Treat each other, with kindness and respect
It is all we look for, and what we expect
Be the change, that you are to be
The world needs you, please don’t you see
Sam Thiara

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