Pain…who invited you?!

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Pain, who are you? You invited yourself into my life. I did not ask for you to come to me or that you stay but somehow, while I was not looking, you made your way in to my life. I appreciate how you sometimes might not be so noticeable and other times, I don’t appreciate how you make yourself known to me. You might be my back ache, arthritis, inflamed knee and it goes on and on.

What I realize though, is that you invited yourself into everyone’s life. But you mask yourself because for some, you are physical pain, others you show up as psychological pain. Either way, you are a pain and I kindly ask you to leave.

You came to me many years ago when I was young and I did not even know you. It started with discomfort in the back and over the years, you have made yourself very comfortable and me uncomfortable. Well, I have tolerated you and because you are uninvited, I put up with you. You try to be present but now I just ignore you and you are just a slight presence in my life. At times, you want to show your power to me and while you have caused me great pain, I put up with you and I over come you and don’t allow you to consume me. Sure for those few days, I certainly know you are there and I feel your presence every waking moment. Eventually, I put you away in that small part of my body where you can cause very little harm.

I ask sometimes, why you have to be there? Why cause me physical pain and for others, physical and emotional pain? What benefit do you provide to any of us? I wish you were gone for good and never came into my life. It seems that the older I become, the more often you decide to make yourself present and you try to show yourself in so many different ways. One day you are a back ache, another day you are a nagging cough, you might be a headache or become an allergy. Anything to cause discomfort.

People can see you in me when I have pain because mine is physical, but you are very clever when you are that psychological pain. You are depression, anxiety, dementia and so many other forms but not necessarily visible to anyone but the one who suffers from you. What I also dislike about this is that you even pull everyone around the person with psychological pain and cause even them pain because they hurt seeing loved ones going through this pain.

Well, I have had enough and decided to go for physical therapy. The medical practitioners know how to handle you to some extent. Well, after pins, muscle therapy, traction and stretching, I think you might be going on a little vacation while I feel better but I know it is a vacation and you will be back some time soon. My friend Adam Hart said that if I have hemp three times a day, I might notice a difference…and that is just a start. So many are there who don’t like you and want to help me quiet you up.

While you are with me, I might hate you, but I know that you actually are necessary. You are with me and others for a reason. You might think it is to cause harm or difficulties but I don’t see you as that. You might only want me to consider you as a pest and a negative and if I do, then you are winning and I will not let you win. See, you are the counter to appreciation and that counter balance is happiness. Without you, I might not be able to really appreciate the things in life that I take for granted. It is by knowing you, that I can experience joy because you elevate how much I value people, situations and things. If you feel that you rob me of good things in life, you are very wrong. Pain does now show my weakness, you actually give me the strength to seek out the good in the world. You make me stronger!

Instead of all this negativity, perhaps we can reach a compromise. If I start to look after myself better with more exercising and better eating, do you think you might spend less time with me? Fair trade, no? Well, whether you accept the compromise or not, I am going to do this.

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