Connected beyond connections

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It is always interesting to sit back and observe social media in action. We all have a voice and can share with the world what is on our minds. We inform people about our celebrations, travel, sadness and the things going on in the world around us. Sometimes the content is internal about our personal lives and other times external about our opinions about situations around us. We smile, laugh and cry with each other as a result of what we see. We tell humanity how we are feeling, but are we really connected?

The world has drastically changed over the last many years. Gone is the world where we sat back and the news told us everything. It explained everything and we accepted it as truth. We were spoon fed what we need to know. Now with social media, we create the content and tell the world what is going on…in real time! It is a forum for us to not only get information but to provide our views on people, situations and things, but are we really connected?

In all this noise and visual distractions, we are connected to each other but in another way, not really. On the one hand, connections means how many friends or followers on social media that we have but on the other hand, there is not the depth and richness that means we are really connected. With so much going on, we get a quick and simple view and then it is time to move on. It is a superficial connection. The type that provides volume but not substance. So how do we get substance? The old fashioned way of conversation. By sitting down and talking to each other, the richness of dialogue brings quality to the mix. Don’t get me wrong, social media does have its place but it is not a substitute for meaningful engagement.

What I appreciate is a documentary that is being screened in Vancouver on January 14, Colours of Edziza which was nominated for international film awards and will be the feature film of the next Here-2-There. It is about an epic journey that brought people together on a trek through one of the most remote parts of British Columbia. The documentary creates a realization that we need each other for moral and physical support to accomplish great things. There is a need to share in this world and the evening will showcase that and remind us how we are connected to each other and to the land. Through conversation, imagery, visual art and music the attendees will be taken on a journey. I do hope you can make it out to Colours of Edziza at the Gold Corp Theatre in downtown Vancouver. Details are at –

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