Imagine that!

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There is such thing as a purple dinosaur with green spots that eats yellow cars or a Lego designed space craft that travels the galaxy looking for bad guys. Did you know that super heroes exist to this day and all you need is a mask and cape and you can do anything you want? The possibilities are limitless through the eyes of a child. Imagine it, and it is real. For example, one day I asked my six year old to rhyme words.
“What rhymes with hat?” I asked
“Cat” he said
“What rhymes with door?” I inquired
“Floor” he replied
“What rhymes with orange?” I pondered (knowing that the word has no rhyming words to it)
“Borange” he said confidently
“What is borange?” I asked. He replied: “Not sure yet but let’s make something up for it!” So instead of saying that something does not exist for this, then let’s just create something. From now on, let it be known that ‘borange’ is a new word! When you don’t have another word to rhyme with like ‘purple’, borange is any word you make up to go along with it. You can now ‘borange’ the word purple and say ‘furple’.

A child’s mind has no limitations or boundaries. Society puts challenges and obstacles there and starts to control the process. Slowly over time, we start putting our thoughts and ideas into compartments and boxes. We start losing our creative abilities because reality and reason start interfering. It is not uncommon to try and brainstorming session and as suggestions start to emerge, people chime in and say why you can’t or shouldn’t do it. They start to put the limitations in place and channeling our free and creative thoughts down a path instead of allowing it to overflow in bountiful ways.

Let me provide you with another example. I do a lot of public speaking and it is time for me to look for paid opportunities; however, I don’t have the ability to spend time. I enjoy doing the not for profit sessions where I get paid in gift cards or mugs. The not for profit organization appreciate it and enjoys my stories. The problem is that if I got an agent, they are very restrictive on where I can and can’t speak. Agents feel that if I do the not for profit talks for free, I am devaluing myself because then the agent can’t justify charging a company, conference or institution. This is the standard process of a speaking agent. Well, I am sorry but it does not work for me and I see it differently. A not for profit is one area the organizations, conferences and places that have a budget for such opportunities are a different space. I created the idea of SoapBox Speakers as a place where anyone who is a speaker can speak where they want, but the team of SoapBox Speakers will look for the paid opportunity. All we did was separate the two areas. People said to me that agencies don’t really work like that…well this one does and we already have about 8-9 speakers ready to join us because of the lack of limitations we put on people. SoapBox is here to provide a different voice and way to do business. If the current situation does not suit you, then come up with your own solution…a creative solution.

SoapBox Speakers is not ready to launch yet but they are building. We are excited to share with you that it is coming. Create, innovate and explore. The only way creativity works is to go through life with a curious nature. Curiosity drives innovation. So let me ask you, “what are you curious about?”

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