“I’m doing it!” …but is it transactional or transformational!?

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“I’m doing it!” are three simple words but they can mean two different things. Think of my six year old saying, “I’m doing it! when I ask him to clean his room and him doing this reluctantly because he has to, or “I’m doing it!” when we took the training wheels off his bike and he was riding by balancing for the first time and his excitement of accomplishing this. One is transactional and the other is transformational.

Now, let’s take this to the office setting. A manager pokes their head through the door and asks you to phone a client and you reply, “I’m doing it!’ and you pick up the phone because it is asked of you and you are not really that interested. On the other hand, you decide to pursue your masters after a few years in industry and say, “I’m doing it!” and you press the button to submit your application and commit to applying to further your life and start a new chapter. Again, one is transactional and the other is transformational. Both said, “I’m doing it!” however, both have different meanings. Can you picture how this looks? Can you see the facial expression of the person who has to call a client and they are not too enthusiastic versus the visual of the person who has now committed to do a masters and how they feel?

Transactional is where we ‘do’ and it is the basic amount of work or look at something as a straightforward and mundane matter. Transformational involves words like engaged, enthusiasm, change and significance. From a customer service point of view, how often have we purchased an item or service and it was transactional? The person serving us treated us and the situation as an everyday situation and as a recipient, it was nothing short of average. The person had only a bare minimum attachment to the organization and that transfers over to the experience they share with us as the customer. Then there are those who embrace the principles and goals of the organization and their commitment is infectious. It translates into more of a transformational experience that we remember. Transactional makes us appreciate the person and the organization that they work for. In fact, in both situations, the server’s actions reflect the organization for us…this is good or bad, the feeling of the organization rests with the interaction of transaction or transformation that is provided to us as a consumer. As an individual, we sometimes have to ask ourselves if we are providing a transactional experience or a transformational encounter. Transformational is a lot more fun and interesting.

It also is makes one more visible to those around us and it helps you to stand out among the masses because enthusiasm is difficult to contain. Saying that, transformational individuals do it for themselves and those around them…not because it looks great on a resume. So think about this, are you transactional or transformational? Change the “I’m doing it!” from the transactional to the transformational and you will appreciate how you will feel about it.

Think of it this way…when you see Stonehenge, do you see a bunch of rocks or do you see something amazing?! The rocks might be seen as ordinary but the way they are arranged and how they were arranged is extraordinary.

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