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I sit a top a mountain, a bearded man with a flowing orange saffron robe and shrouded by a mist of incense around me. You have climbed this dangerous path in order to ask me about life and career in the hopes that I have ‘the answer’ that you have been searching for. You approach and explain your situation to me and after you have shared, you step back and await. I close my eyes, take my time and then after much contemplation, I provide you my words…it is not the answer to life’s mystery you seek, but another question that I ask.

Ok, so this was over dramatized but the scenario is accurate. There is a constant stream of people wanting to meet and talk about career and life. It often starts with how they need advice. Now I feel that advice is me telling you what to do but I would rather share insight where I can ask you questions and you come to the answer. The solution is within you but it just needs to be uncovered because it is your situation and you know it best. All I do is shed light on what you might not see and I shed light from a few angles so you get a better idea of your situation. You illuminate the path, I don’t!

When we seek answers, at times we just want someone to tell us what to do. It is so much easier and it takes away our burden. I feel there is a danger in providing advice because you may be needing an answer but is that person you are asking the right person? Are they qualified to provide you the answer? Is it the right answer?

We actually all have that orange saffron robe wisdom within us but we just need to shed light on our self and reflect on the situation. Consult with people to get perspectives but realize that if people are quick to provide an answer, they might not be the best source. It is what they might do in the situation but they are not you and they don’t know your entire situation. You have to make the final decision. Sit a top of the mountain, let others ask you questions and you decide.

Don’t seek advice, seek insight.

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  • Nathalie says:

    It is true that we illuminate our own path from within. Those answers we seek are there and the light of others help light the little dark corners we might have missed. “Let them ask the question and you decide”, that is empowerment…and shinning your light, spilling your colours into the world.

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