GradusOne to Greatest One!

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You vision a goal and you work towards it. Head down, and just keep moving forward. Barriers in the way? You either go through it, around it, under it or over it. If that does not work, get others to help you get to where you need to go. Our goal was to launch GraduOne (, a program to help high school, post secondary and recent grads in life and career. Gradus, is Latin for step so we are step one in life and career. A dedicated team decided to work together and on March 4th, we marched forth to make it happen and what an engaging evening it was. About 200 dynamic people attending and interacting with each other. The room was electric!

The evening included a dynamic panel of social entrepreneurs. One just has to look at their bios and sit in wonder, how did they accomplish all that. The panel included:
Daniel Dubois – founder of ShareShed, a website and app for outdoor equipment rentals. Daniel is currently one of 10 chosen CEO’s under the age of 25 to be selected for The Next Big Thing, Entrepreneur in Residence program at Hootsuite HQ.
Lisa von Sturmer – in 2010, she quit her successful editing career, founded Growing City and never looked back. Now an award-winning entrepreneur and official CBC Dragons’ Den Slayer and “Game Changer”
Taylor Conroy – a disruptive social entrepreneur best known for starting the social enterprise ‘Change Heroes’ that has funded over 160 projects including schools, libraries, girls scholarships, anti-sex trafficking work, clean water systems, and more in 13 developing countries around the world.
Alexandra T. Greenhill – Cofounder CEO of myBestHelper, an award winning tech company transforming how families find help for child and elder care.

Now each has a very impressive bio that is too long to list for each but one sits in their company and suddenly feels like they have not accomplished much. Others may look at me and feel that I have done much to help people in life and career but these are game changers who I got to facilitate.

The lesson here though is that there will always be people more accomplished than me and people who are striving to do as much as I have done. We can see ourselves as ordinary in the presence of extraordinary. The situation though is that we spend our time looking up at those who are above who we see as more accomplished than us, but we forget to turn around to see the view of where we stand in the whole scheme of things. We are accomplished and unaccomplished at the same time. There are things we have completed and things we need to do. We are still extraordinary! While I respect and admire the work that Daniel, Lisa, Taylor and Alexandra have done, I think it no shame to give a pat on my back to say that I have tried to help others authentically in life and career and perhaps have made some profound changes to the lives that I have had time to engage with.

Either way, I feel wealthy beyond measure because on March 4th, I was surrounded by greatness. That is not only the panel but the audience that was there. There was nothing ordinary about the people who attended GradusOne launch…only extraordinary.

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