Am I good enough?

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Am I good enough?
At times I come across individuals who are looking to move forward but when there is an opportunity, they focus on what could hold them back over what they could offer the organization. They have a sense and feeling of why they don’t qualify for the position. It is almost as if they are talking themselves out of applying for the job for fear of actually getting it and having to now shift and change or prove to themselves that they are now having to do what they said they would.

Often times they feel like they should not apply because what is listed in the job posting is far out of reach for them. Well, truth be told, that job description is what the perfect employee in the perfect setting would look like and as we know…no one and nothing is perfect. There are situations where I have talks with people or I pass along a job posting and the response is: “Sam, they are looking for someone far superior to what I have as skills…I don’t have…”. How about you tell me what you have instead?!

There is one situation where I passed along a job posting to someone I thought would be great and she flatly refused to apply because she felt ill-equipped for what they were looking for. I asked her to at least apply because I had an idea of what they were looking for. She rocked the interview and she got the job. She decided to focus on what she had vs what she lacked and when she focused on that aspect, she could sell what she needed to and wound up getting the position.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you are starting out, lets be realistic and not apply for the CEO position (unless you decide to start your own company and can then create your own title). What I am suggesting is that there are opportunities within your reach. What I appreciate about someone applying a little beyond their comfort zone is that you:
– will realize hidden potentials
– will create new connections and relationships who might help you in future opportunities
– have an idea of what it take to get into a position you might be getting ready to take on
– realize if this is the right fit for you
– won’t have a what if

Go forward, apply, tell your story if given a chance. You really have little to lose and so much to gain. Yes you are good enough so lets realize it and move forward with confidence.

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