Crappy situations can be positive

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There was a couple that hand twins. The two boys were very much alike as one would expect twins to be except on one main area…perspectives. One of the boys was never appreciative and any time there was something that would happen, he would always look at it with an eye of negativity. He would question the situation and look at it with a critical eye and never be happy with the outcome. The other son was different. He would be more appreciative and his perspective was always one of looking at things with a positive tone. Same situation; however, different views.

The parents thought it odd how they differed in perspectives. They thought they would try an experiment at Christmas. The child who was always negative, they gave a room full of toys. Some of the most expensive and sought after toys. For the other child, in a separate room, they gave a bag of manure. On Christmas day they were astounded to see what the result was. In the room with the child who had a room full of toys, the child would pick something up, look at it and drop it back with comments like…too noisy, not the right colour, it doesn’t do much or not what I wanted. The parents were disappointed. On the other hand, they heard cheering and delight coming from the other room. The child with the manure was jumping up and down and very happy. He was playing around with it.

The parents intervened in the first room and the first child said that he did not get what he wanted and the rest of the things in the room were just stuff of little interest and value to him. In the second room, the parents asked the child that he only got a bag of manure and why he was so happy. The child replied: “with this much manure, there has to be a pony around here somewhere.” Two situations but different results.

I would say that my life and perspective is the second child. Give me a bag of manure and I will make the most of it. I will see what good can come out of this and if not, well there is no need to dwell. Into my garden and off to discover more things.

We have a choice on how to look at life and situations. It is only by taking the time to appreciate the most difficult or not so appealing times that we will lead a more productive life…more productive because you will see it as productive and not a hindrance. I don’t wish a bag of manure upon anyone but sometimes being dumped on can test you and your resilience. I will persist in all that I do.

I feel that people might look at me and my life and say that he has everything easy and cushy. He is lucky. Far from the truth…it is not about being lucky but rather being fortunate. I have worked very hard at everything and people might not see the tremendous work that has gone in to my journey. I am not given anything…I have earned everything. Life is never easy but what is easy is to have that perspective of appreciation and gratitude. Not everything I touch turns to gold. No, I do get coal and through pressure and time, I am able to find the diamonds. I too am a diamond in the rough and through time, I will realize my potential and experiences and be the diamond that I am meant to be…that we are all meant to be.

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