Colours of Edziza – a living adventure

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What is the last story you read, what is the last story you told…what is the last story you lived? That is how my book starts about personal storytelling. We live in the ordinary, the every day but in the ordinary are these tremendous experiences. For me, I am a storyteller and story-listener.

I always enjoy the stories lived by my good friend and adventurer, Mike Schauch. Mike is one of those unique individuals who is an investment professional by day and leads an outdoorsman/mountaineer life when not in the office. For example, Mike together with his wife Chantal shot an amazing video, Beyond the Gates of Phu which documented their journey to a remote village in Nepal. When I was visioning my book launch in May 2014, I was thinking about how I would make it impactful. One day, over tea, Mike and I were talking and next thing you know, my book and Mike’s movie became the cornerstone of an amazing evening.

Well, Mike has just returned from another amazing adventure and this one was remote, a challenge and in our own back yard in British Columbia. Mike and Chantal, together with Tahltan First Nation friends and Canadian friends, had ventured into the Tahltan territory to challenge themselves and appreciate the journey. You see, the foundation of the trek was to understand how we live in a world of disharmony between us and the land. How can we live united while protecting the very land that gives us life? I appreciated the following quote from the team:

Through this film we’re sharing the urgent message that no matter who we are or where we’re from, it’s possible for us to respect the land and all life on earth. But this can only begin to happen when we finally learn to respect ourselves and each other.

I was fortunate to have seen a preview of the film Colours of Edziza and there were so many powerful messages but what I saw was how they genuinely, carefully and meticulously traversed the land. There seemed to be a respect and balance for the individual and the land. They supported each other (the team and the land). There was no take, only give. Every step was carefully planned so they would not disrupt what was so pristine and one of the last naturally intact places in the world.

What is the team up to? They have launched an Indiegogo campaign to complete the film and help us to understand the importance of balance. It is so critical because in a world that keeps becoming disconnected and distant, they are showing us how we can respect the land only if we respect ourselves. I encourage you to check out the campaign at – and take up the challenge or at least share the link. I am excited by the thought of another movie launch and screening. I look forward to being a part of the team’s adventure and will celebrate their success because it is so important for us to learn from their journey.

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