My favorite colour? Out of the blue of course!

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Life is a journey that has twists and turns, ups and downs and yes…straight lines. In fact, it often becomes straight lines where we go through a daily routine that becomes a ritual. We go forward on autopilot. Even with me writing this blog post has me typing with a cup of tea (that is my comfort)

Out of the blue is something that makes our life more interesting. Sometimes it could be spontaneous where one decides….”I am going to over come my fear of public speaking and I am going to join Toast Masters!” or “I have never visited and hiked in Banff National Park. I am going!” If you think about spontaneous, people might think it is someone being foolish because they just do things on a whim. But being spontaneous is not really reckless or without thought. It is an accumulation of feelings and sense that pressures us to the edge and then we have to make a decision. Sometimes we walk to that edge and walk back because we are not quite ready and at times, it is where we get to that edge and decide it is time to take that leap and then jump. That is one form of ‘out of the blue’.

There is another form. The type where you do the things you do day in and day out and not do it for recognition. Someone observes you or you have directly impacted them and you are not fully aware how. An example is how last week, an email popped into my inbox. It was from Fraser International College where I have been teaching since 2009. I was nominated and selected to receive a teaching excellence award at the Fraser International College graduation ceremony on November 7. It was an honour that was special because I have no idea who did this but it was from a former student who also had to get five others to endorse the application. The part that makes it that much more special is that I sometimes only teach one to three session a year so I don’t have a huge number of students. The way I see this is how someone has just tapped me on my shoulder and I look up from what I am doing and then tell me that someone has said you are worth recognition. The award is special but what makes it even more special is that the origin of the award is from a genuine level of gratitude and appreciation from someone.

I live for these moments…not the award part but the ‘out of the blue’ acknowledgement by someone who feels I made a difference. Who ever you are…thank you. Your nomination is appreciate and this ‘out of the blue’ experience is one that I value.

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