My extreme views – I am a Humanitarian…watch out!

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The world is full of extreme views. Idealists who preach and harm in the world in the name of a fundamental principle. Radicals who inflict terror on others because they believe they can. Scriptures used to the advantage of those who try and justify their cowardly actions. How can anyone take up beheading and justify it let along actually do it! How can someone purposefully put landmines in the ground without care for who might step on it! How can someone look at another with so much hate and not even know a thing about them! We all look up and see the same sun, moon and stars. Words like intolerance, fear and terror need to be replaced with compassion, caring and understanding.

In our world, there are moderates and extremist of all faiths and fortunately, the moderates far outnumber the extremists. I have decided that I too will take up being a radical and extremist from now on and have been converted…to being a humanitarian. I have dedicated and pledged my life to go down a path of extreme views to help, and not harm, people…a humanitarian way of life. I will pull no stop to sit and chat with someone, regardless of any faith, colour or background, to hear their story! I will give of myself without question to help my fellow human beings to be better people! I will take the position that people are good and we need to grow a movement of caring and compassion! I will take the path of smiling at others and asking how they are! I will continue to hand out puzzle pieces to random people to spark a conversation and remind them that we are all connected.

My personal view is that by spending time and caring, I can change the world…but not through my eyes. I will do anything and everything to change the world through the eyes of those who I encounter. Consider it this way, if I sit and talk to someone and we have an engaging discussion and they are now moved, then I have changed the world…through their eyes because they no longer can see the world the way it was, they see the world as it should be…a beautiful thing.

Join me in my movement or join a similar movement…heck, create your own movement and embrace the people in the world you encounter. Just do something to help heal. We are losing connections with each other and the divide between us grows. I will not sit by and watch the news and shake my head in horror at what we are doing to each other. You can be idle or ideal…I chose ideal. Creating the ideal world for us all as a humanitarianism extremist. Doing the small simple things is all it takes…a smile, a letter or a hello. Yes the world problems are complicated and complex but rather than accepting that, we can try and do something. Take a vow to understand and learn about people, travel and speak to each other. Do not accept defeat. At the end of my life, when ever that might be, I can say with confidence that I did everything that I could to make this a better place and better people. I will have no regrets about trying to make a difference. Every day, for most of my life, I have tried to leave people a litter better than when I found them and this has been one of my biggest successes…being with them in their journey.

So I ask – “WHO IS WITH ME!?”

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